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Thanks for the update Gengar
I did meet Krew todY and he is a super nice guy
He will fill the Internet with stuff from today and tomorrow
The weather worked fine, about 60 and a few sprinkles that gave me a chance to try the big wiper
We had 6 folks plus a friend today
Other stuff incised Toyota in to film and Scott Pruett swing up to demo launch control, and that was happening after the program
Scott brought his folks and they were a blast to talk to
His dad has a sweet collection of older US muscle and collector cars
The other participants included the gentleman who just got the white car in MD
Great guy who brought the friend to observe
The guy has like 10 rides incising 2 F cars and a careers gt as was mentioned elsewhere
He also has an Astin and other P cars
Take that Tommy
I was talking to him about F cars and he had not heard of the FF so go figure how info flows
I would say the three owners today were 60s if not 70
One guy owns the Lexus shop in Memphis
His wife came late in the day and took a ride
One owner owns both a Toyota dealership outside Philly and came with his son
Fun fact on the production car, it has alcantara on top of the dash
This is something the configuration will not allow
What a machine
Ok, back to the program
My instructor was terrific
At lunch he spent extra time breaking down what I could do to improve and by the third session in the car no one was passing me
The day started out with the instructors meeting me at the gate and I filled one driving an ISF to the valet area with greetings and pics
An amazing breakfast and informal intros was next
Then came classroom time split between itinerary with goals and aN LFA backgrounder
Off to the track where my instructor showed me how to do the drag thing and followed by my first go at the wheel, in old gray faithful
The cool thing is the strip had an elevation so you could see right away how nice the car pulls against gravity
Off to the cones to learn slalom methods followed by cornering approaches
Then it was time to dive the LFA around Infineon
I was thrilled by the brakes and awed by the power
Turn 2 is a blind right that took me till the end of the day to feel ok with
As Gengar mentioned the track is very technical and the variations between turns and elevation changes left me with sweaty palms
After the first LFA drive was a gourmet lunch which I limited to salad for fear of nausea and a brief classroom session on track driving
After lunch thee were two more sessions and I can't tell you how much more comfortable I became with the car and learned to trust it by the third session
I drove the black car for the second session and that car just felt better than the gray one
I did not get in the yellow
There were a lot of extra runs to get Toyota and Lexus staff in the car with pros driving
There was a Mr Lee in LFA marketing and another person who focuses on social media
The hot laps were beyond crazy
My instructor did one a bit toned down to establish how much grip the tires had followed by a h?ll ride
It was fun to see him micro adjust right and left with the wheel, unlike the smooth technique he teaches
After the day was done back to class for award plaques, posters and final thoughts
All of the class sessions were videotaped
To provide a couple of words of fair balance, it is clear that the dealers are getting plenty of cars for themselves and they are not waiting in line behind the target enthusiasts
Next a point Krew mentioned and I can confirm, for some turns where thepitch of the track is severe, the seatbelt does not keep you from sloshing about
Back to smiley face stuff, this was an incredible experience and I am thankful to Lexus for making this happen

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