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Originally Posted by spwolf View Post
so tell us about ride compliance and cloth/nuluxe? i want to know more personal opinion and comparo between normal leather and normal toyota cloth...
The ride in the CT is very smooth. Of course it's no vault like the LS, but it is quiet. The ride is very smooth and taut. There is some body roll in hard cornering, but it's not horrible. The CT soaks up road imperfections pretty well despite the sport biased suspension. If I had to compare it to other Lexus cars, it's better than the CT, just about if not better than a regular IS.

I am a huge fan of cloth interiors. I actually like the Black and Black/Red cloth interiors in the CT. It's a nice plush feeling material. It definitely isn't the velour interiors of the 80's that's for sure. One gripe I have with the cloth is that the pile is a bit long. It behaves like suede, see below:

Click the image to open in full size.

Originally Posted by knihc2008 View Post
Why do some fobs have the panic button and some don't?
The smart key fobs with the panic buttons are the US Spec CTs. The missing
panic button fobs belong to the Euro Spec CTs. Apparently in Europe, there is no need for a panic alarm.

Originally Posted by Joeb427 View Post
I like the CT a lot and would consider buying one but it seems a bit underpowered on paper.
Could Lexus squeeze a 2.4L set up in that engine bay?
It is underpowered for some, but i've come to the conclusion you don't need all the horsepower in the world to have a fun car to drive. It's a give and take situation. The engine bay is a little tight but I think they can fit the 4GR-FSE 2.5L V6 from the IS250 in there.

Originally Posted by Sens4Miles View Post
That's actually a completely inaccurate statement. The Lincoln MKZ hybrid is the most fuel-efficient luxury vehicle in the United States.
Well it was a true fact earlier this year. True, the Lincoln MKZ may have been rated for 41MPG just recently, but it won't hold the title for very long.

Originally Posted by spwolf View Post
Nobody would care about CT300h in Europe despite what pampered media says. People these days buy 4cly BMWs and MBs (always did Audis). V6 and V8 resale value is a lot lower than for 4cly engines.
Very true. European and American mindset for buying cars are completely different. What I learned first hand in Europe, they care about low CO2 emissions ratings, smaller cars with larger capacity and value. If it wasn't for the taxation rules in the EU, and the cost for a liter of petrol, the mentality and demand would be totally different. As you know here in the US, a gallon of gas is cheaper than an equivalent liter in Europe, but people here prefer to have a more powerful gas V6 or V8 over a 4cyl any day. I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to afford driving, let alone owning an IS F in Europe. I'd opt for that 6spd MT IS200d instead.

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