Rev Battle – Lexus LFA VS Lamborghini Aventador


It goes without saying the the LFA has one of the best exhaust notes of all time. Describing it as “good” isn’t really good enough. It’s a frantic, sharp, shrill noise, like that of a race car. You’d never know just by looking at it. Like so much else in the LFA, the beauty isn’t plainly obvious by just looking. You have to dig a little bit deeper.

Lamborghini does a pretty good job of it too. What the noise of the Aventador lacks in similarity to a race car, it makes up for in similarity to a jet engine. Getting 700 something horsepower out of that colossal V12 makes a considerably racket. Not that I’m complaining.

While a race track is probably a better fit for the LFA (and the Aventador, but to a lesser degree), making noise on a lawn is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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