April 2005 Featured Cars


The ClubLexus featured car committee presents a “European theme” vehicle line-up for the month of April 2005. Continually seeing Lexus automobiles that are modified to the extreme on ClubLexus has started to get repetitive; therefore, the selection committee decided to mix things up a bit by crossing over the the dark side

Screen Name: KristaP
Age: 34
Profession: Professional slacker

Car model: Porsche 996 Carrera
Car year: 2003
Engine size: 3.6L
Color: Seal Gray


1.0 Engine: 3.6L 320hp flat six
2.0 Exhaust: GHL exhaust
3.0 Suspension: Factory
4.0 Exterior: Silver Hood Crest
5.0 Interior: RUF aluminum pedals, Hardwired Valentine1, Relocated Spoiler Switch, Hardwired Garage Door Opener
6.0 Wheels: Offset: 54f & 63r
7.0 Tires: Brand: Michelin Pilot Sport

What led you to buy a Lexus and a Porsche?
The comfort, reliability, and luxury of our 1998 LS400 grants me the freedom to stretch my imagination with the Porsche and not worry about it’s day to day drivability. The Porsche 911 is a great performance platform with a long history of owner racing and modifications. The Porsche community is a great resource with a huge knowledge base and supportive members encouraging each other to make the most of their cars. The community and its active support was a big reason I chose the 911 as my baseline from which I could build a car to my own particular tastes and needs.

I enjoy working with computers and technology not only as my square job but also as hobbies in the form of hardware modification and gaming. I am also enjoying my efforts to improve my wakeboarding and photography skills.

I would like to stretch and enhance the performance role of my car; perhaps to the point of a dual purpose track/grocery car. Rollbar and harnesses would not significantly affect its grocery capacity yet would definitely increase safety at the track and a new suspension setup is already in the works.




Screen Name: Static911
Age: 24
Profession: I'm not quite sure yet...

Car model: Porsche 996 Carrera 4S
Car year: 2004
Engine size: 3.6L
Color: Black


1.0 Engine: 3.6L 320hp flat six + a few mild modifications
2.0 Exhaust: Fabspeed exhaust
3.0 Suspension: Bilstein PSS-9 Coil-overs
4.0 Exterior: Rock chips, door dings and a few scratches thrown in the mix
5.0 Interior: Built-in K40 laser detector
6.0 Wheels: 19" HRE 542R
7.0 Tires: Brand: Continental ContiSport Tires

What led you to buy a Porsche?
After selling my turbocharged IS 300, I wanted a vehicle that would reflect my mid-20 identity crisis. My requirements were the following: two-door, sporty and cool-looking car. I narrowed down the choices to Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini. Unfortunately, finances dictated I could not afford the two latter choices. Therefore, I went with the Carrera 4S.

I am done modifying the Carrera 4S. I am waiting to purchase a Porsche Carrera GT2 to satisfy my "need for speed". I miss driving a turbocharged automobile. Due to my past experienced with a highly modified automobile, I figured it would be a wiser choice if I bought a vehicle that was originally turbocharged rather than putting forced induction on the Carrera 4S.

Why you chose to modify your Porsche?
I thought it will be cool to put some "bling" on the Porsche. I was set on putting 19" HRE 542R wheels. I worked backwards from there. In order to put aftermarket wheels on the Porsche, I needed to lower the vehicle. Therefore, with Arling at Lucent Motors assistance, I purchased the Bilstien PSS-9 coil over. These coil overs are meant for street and will barely cut it on the track. However, a wheel and coil-over combination would not be complete with an additional modification. So, I decided on putting an exhaust on it.

Lastly, I would like to thank Tom and Arling at Lucent Motors in Los Angeles, California for installing the aftermarket product and everyone at 6speedonline.com for all their support.





Screen Name - O. L. T.
Profession: Owner of www.Lextech.org

Car model: BMW 325i
Car year: 1992
Engine size: 2.5l
Color: Porsche Seal Grey



  1. Hollow cams
  2. Matched hand wound ignition coils
  3. Open cone ram air intake
  4. Stage III Software

  1. ///M3 Exhaust

  1. Axxis/PBR

  1. Koni Yellow Racing shocks/struts
  2. Eibach Pro kit springs

  1. Rieger GTR/E46 conversion rear bumper
  2. Rieger rear roof spolier
  3. Ma Shaw E46 front bumper conversion
  4. Ma Shaw front E46 conversion lip
  5. ///M3 body moldings
  6. ///M3 M-tech wing w/ third brake
  7. ///M3 mirrors
  8. ///M3 Twist skirts
  9. Dj Auto Ellipsoids w/angel eye
  10. Authentic German front plate
  11. Smoked OEM BMW clears -rear
  12. OEM BMW clears - side and front corner
  13. Full body colormatch trim / handles/ mirrors

  1. Eclipse 53340 Head unit
  2. Xtant Mono block amp
  3. GS Redline aluminum 12" single driver
  4. AudioGodz custom tuned port enclosure
  5. MB Quart 4" midrange
  6. Suede headliner

  1. AC Schnitzer Type III Racing 18" Movena +38
  2. Tires- 235/40/18 Ventus HR2

What led you to buy a BMW?
I have always known about their abilty to run the twisties in the mountains. This is actually my 6th BMW and my second E36. The car really fit's my personality well. I like sporty cars, and when I had to decide on a sedan, this was the one for me.

Any other interests besides modifying cars? Building pretty speedometer clusters I also like shooting pool, and collect anything electronic and technical.

I want my BMW to be the hottest thing on the street in the E36 division. I won't stop until i get it there. I have invested more into mods than I originally purchased the car for, so I know I am on the way to something bigger and better than ever before.

Why you chose to modify your BMW?
The stock look didn't cut it for me. I like aggressive cars. Plus, there was room to modify for performance enhancements. The car came slightly modded, I just took it to the next level.

Anything special about your BMW that interested you to start modifying it?
Peer pressure. I saw all the hot E36's out there and knew there was so much potential in aftermarket for these cars, I just had to go for it. I think they are one of the only square bodystyles of the 90's that can be manipulated to blend into the newer vehicles if done properly.