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 Screen Name: LexAristo
 Age: 22
 Profession: Full time student/part time worker
 Car model: Lexus GS 300
 Car year: 1994
 Engine size: 2JZ-GE Inline 6
 Color: Black Onyx


1. Engine

  1. Injen Short Ram Polished Intake w/ black connectors and Custom Cold Air Intake Extension
  2. Apex-I Grounding Kit
  3. Optima Red Top Battery
  4. Arc Radiator cap (uninstalled)

2. Exhaust

  1. Magnaflow Performance Mufflers
  2. Magnaflow Double Walled Tips

3. Suspension

  1. Tein CS Coilover System w/ 16 Point Stiffness Adjustment.
  2. JDM Aristo Twin Turbo Strutbar

4. Brakes

  1. Front/Back : R1concepts Premium line dimpled/slotted rotors (electric black finish)
  2. Front/Back : Axxis Metal Master Brake Pads
  3. R1concepts Stainless Steel Braided Brakelines
  4. Custom Made hubcentric 20mm Spacers w/adapters. (Rear)
  5. Mackin Industries 5mm spacers. (Front)

5. Exterior

  1. JDM Royale Roof Wing
  2. Lip Wing Spoiler
  3. Winn Racing Sideskirts
  4. JDM Toyota Aristo Windvisors
  5. JDM Aristo Rear Garnish
  6. JDM Smoke Rear Tailights
  7. JDM Eyelids
  8. JDM Aristo Circle emblems on both fenders.
  9. IS300 Fog lights w/ Sylvania Silverstars
  10. Philips 6000K Ultinon HID kit
  11. Chrome Lexus Emblems
  12. Titanium Tint
  13. CA Vanity Plate (Haha…)
  14. Custom JDM plate
  15. Custom painted black grill and cleared corners
  16. Corner light modification
  17. Professionally flared/shaved/pulled rear fenders
  18. JDM Aristo Grill (uninstalled)
  19. JDM Aristo Headlights (uninstalled)
  20. Carlsson Pegasus Round Hood Emblem (uninstalled)

6. I.C.E

  1. JL Audio 10w6 Subwoofer (MDF box enclosure)
  2. Pioneer 200 Watt Amp
  3. Apple Ipod
  4. Viper 791xv 2-way pager alarm w/ remote start/sensors/trunk release

7. Interior

  1. Junction Produce Gold Kintsuna
  2. Junction Produce White Fusa

8. Wheels

  1. Carlsson Wheel Design 2/6 Brilliant Edition 19X8.5 (front) (+23 w/spacers) and 19X10 (rear) (+15 w/ spacers)
  2. Tires – Hankook Ventus Sport K104 275/30/19 and 245/35/19.

9. Future Mods:

  1. Either a Single Turbo or Supercharger
  2. Still waiting on my Junction Produce Antenna.
  3. Mercedes Benz S-Class Mirrors

What led you to buy a Lexus?
I have always admired the timeless design of the 1st Gen GS 300 and told myself that I would get one when the time was right. Well, when my mom purchased her ES 300 platinum edition from Longo Lexus, I anxiously wanted to drive it. Every time I asked if I could drive the car, she would not let me and that was when I decided to purchase my own. Since the day I purchased the car, I have had nothing but great joy with the car.

I enjoy attending sporting events, collecting autographs/sports memorabilia, listening to music, playing basketball, baseball, golf, car meets, and hanging out with the ladies.

The direction of my car is simple, show more with less, being in the form of “subtleness”. I have always liked the aggressive stance of European cars in which the wheels are very close to the fenders and the ride height is very low. My goal is to have a Japanese car with European flavor. I really try to incorporate the body styling of the car by applying subtle modifications to it. When I met Eric (Lord of the Celsiors, now LOTC) and saw his Wald LS I became a fan of the VIP style. After a Super Autobacs meet in which I saw the Junction GS on display, I knew instantly that this was the direction my car would be heading towards. I am always finding ways to improve the car, whether it be little things or big things.

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?
I have always wanted to modify the previous car which I had (1989 Honda Accord), but knew it was not worth it. Honestly, I never wanted to modify the car except for the rims which I bought from the previous owner. After attending many Lexus events/meets and seeing modded cars, the mod bug hit me. By modifying the car, it allows me to be different as well as express myself. I have modded the car as subtle as subtle can get. I feel very strongly that the 1st gen body really doesn’t need any type of aggressive body kit since it will take away from the elegant look which “Giugiario” had originally intended. The greatest thing about this car is the reaction I get when people ask if it is a 98-99 GS and I tell them it’s a 94.

I’d like to thank everyone on this great forum for the info that they have given me. I have made many great friends through this site and I thank you all for keeping it real. I’d also like to thank the people as well as my friends.


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