• Changing Site Name?

    February 8, 2006

    Sometimes helping might not be the best way to show your appreciation towards something. For example by setting up a dedicated enthusiast site for car for trucks might put you into jeopardy after all.... Read more

  • Auto Advertising Spending

    February 8, 2006

    After the dip in 2001, the media ad spending amount will most likely break the $8 billion mark this year, which is up from the $7.7 billion last yearr, 8 percent below that of 2000. For the first 9 months, the total amount spent on auto ad advertising is already at $5.9 billion. With the fact that a lot of new cars are being introduced in 2003, the industry expects the amount be raised by another 5 percent in 2003.... Read more

  • Toyota Goes Secured

    February 8, 2006

    With the rapid growth of the Internet a lot of automakers already started to use the Internet to communicate with their dealerships. However, Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc decides that it is not the best way to go.... Read more

  • There has been a lot of study on the satisfaction level from the customers' point of view against dealerships, automakers, etc. But few have talked about dealership satisfaction against the manufacturer. Not too long ago JD Power and Associate has finished their Dealer Attitude Study and it shows that for the second straight year, Lexus were most satisfied with their manufacturer.... Read more

  • Coming of GX470

    February 8, 2006

    Well guys, some of you may have already seen the new Lexus commercial. Starting November 18, Lexus has launched the official advertising campaign of the all new GX470. This time around Lexus put in around 35 million for the national broadcast and cable TV campaign, with the theme "A new kind of adventure begins."... Read more

  • Sometimes you don’t really need to create new stuff to make a successful advertising campaign. Two years ago a little billboard at a car show in Detroit reads "they don’t write songs for Volvo," and that inspired Campbell-Ewald, coz' Americans do write songs for one of their clients, Chevrolet. So Campbell-Ewald started to research for songs that include the word "Chevrolet" or its vehicle in the lyrics.... Read more

  • Remember back in the time when we all hoped that Lexus will reveal more about Team Lexus, and hope that we can get some sort of track racing training in Lexus just like those BMW owners? Well, listen guys, the wait is over. Lexus is on schedule and has finally launched their http://www.lexusdrivingschool.com... Read more

  • After the traditional newspaper advertisements and TV commercials Jeep decided to try out some new marketing methods, and they put their bet on the power of Internet. The Chrysler group’s first ever online video game, the Evo2, features the Wrangler line of vehicles, starring the Rubicon, from February 8th till the end of June. The car was only advertised online using the game and Jeep wanted to see how good the result was.... Read more

  • A lot of rumors have been saying that the RX 300 has been in the last year of its life-span. Being one of the best selling models in the whole Lexus lineup, the RX 300 still claims almost 30% of the whole Lexus sales, which is very impressive for a model that is already 4 years old.... Read more

  • Entering September people will start to see the new 2003 Lexus models in the lots, and among them is the RX 300 and also the GS 300/430. RX 300 is already in its last year of the life cycle, and there are already rumors saying that 2003 might be the last year for the current generation of the GS sport sedans, although nothing has been confirmed yet. However, instead of a potential price drop Lexus actually increases the MSRP values of the 2003 RX and GS.... Read more

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