• Look out Germany, Lexus is coming! With the release of the IS F, it was clear the days of effectively ceding the sports sedan market to Audi, BMW and Mercedes were over, and the future looks bright.... Read more

  • October 1st, the teams of the American Le Mans Series will do battle for the final time this season. Road Atlanta will play host, and the drivers will lap the storied circuit for ten hours or 1000 miles, whichever comes first.... Read more

  • It hasn't even been a month since the vicious LFA Nürburgring Package ripped about the treacherous track in 7:14:64. But Lexus engineers aren't quite done with the "Green Hell" just yet.... Read more

  • Through the SEMA Award Contender Contest, owners of a SEMA Award contender vehicle are invited to submit a video clip highlighting the vehicle's modifications for a chance to have the vehicle featured at the SEMA Show.... Read more

  • Germany's Nürburgring is the most demanding race course in the world. Manufacturers come from far and wide to test their hottest equipment against the "Green Hell," and Lexus has just scored a major victory in the production car category.... Read more

  • The teasers have been out for a couple weeks, but the latest luxury hybrid in the Lexus stable has officially made its European debut. Given that the GS just got a major redesign, there admittedly aren't any big surprises for the exterior.... Read more

  • The Toyota brass must have been pleased with how it's long teaser campaign for the redesigned Camry was received, because now its got something similar going for the 2013 GSF Sport and GS450.... Read more

  • JonJon's Sick VIP-Style IS

    September 12, 2011

    First off, I find the origins of VIP-style cars hilarious. The story goes that Yakuza members began to fear that their preferred rides--giant, black German luxury sedans--made their presence too obvious.... Read more

  • In "Girl," the Beatles sang about a girl you want so much it makes you sorry. And that's exactly how I feel about the LFA. I got up close and personal with one at SEMA a couple years back, and even though that example was rattle-can flat black, I was floored.... Read more

  • The 2013 GS 350 On the Road

    September 12, 2011

    Lexus revealed the 2013 GS 350 in grand style last week at Pebble Beach, and now we've got some footage of its new baby on the road. The video is a little stylized for my taste, and while it's not perfect, overall this is a pretty decent clip.... Read more

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