Slammed LS460's - For the Love of the Game


Something I'd noticed in my time writing here on CL, is the disproportionate amount of attention I put into discussing production car, race, and other forms of PR official news.

To be honest, it's something I hadn't noticed until scanning this particular assignment; reminding me that I haven't really focused at all on what originally got me umbilically linked to the automotive industry: the aftermarket game.

I was there too, at one point, tinkering every weekend on my Japanese import. Doing things that--by legitimate engineering standards--would be horrifying to say the least. In that experience I've learned the intricacies of what and why people are legitimately fond of their automobiles. Sometimes fanatically so.

It's a visceral feeling right? The love for the game. It's what gives you the ability to put up with long, frustrating hours under a halogen spotlight, wrenching away. It's that bit of social confidence to give a complete stranger a head nod as you drive by them on the freeway, knowing absolutely nothing about them, other than that they share your affinity for automotive tuning.

When I see projects like these - Tuan and Jimmy's insanely clean LS460's, I smile. It's a half grimace, half smile as I think of all the sweat, labor, (loving) hours that went into these LS460's. And for those that sit on the outside, they ask a simple question of "why?" To seek explanations in every decision made into putting such meticulously done cars together; but ultimately not actually caring or appreciating the work put in.

And that, was my long-winded way of saying these cars are goddamn dope. So be sure to visit Stancenation and read their full story.

SN-Dumped-LS460 (3).jpg SN-Dumped-LS460 (2).jpg   SN-Dumped-LS460 (6).jpg