Lexus LS Is The Quality King According To J.D. Power


Lexus has become synonymous with many prestigious awards and J.D. Power & Associates has recently given them another. For the sixth consecutive year, the Lexus LS reigned supreme (59 problems per 100 vehicles) in the Initial Quality Study for the Large Premium Car Segment.

Since the release of the refreshed 2013 LS, Lexus has enjoyed a great increase in sales compared to last year's outgoing model.

Assembly Line Quality Awards
Lexus also announced that two of their manufacturing plants in Japan have received quality awards. The Yoshiwara Plant with the Gold Plant Assembly Line Quality Award and the Kyushu 2 Plant with the Silver Plant Assembly Line Quality Award.

Toyota Auto Body Co. Ltd.  (Araco) - Yoshiwara Plant: LX 570

Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. - Kyushu 2 Plant: IS Line, RX Line & ES Line

Source: [Lexus USA]