Lexus IS LS Dynos Over 850 Horsepower


Someone took the mild-mannered Lexus IS300 sedan from the early 2000s and shoehorned a 5.3-liter LS V8 into its empty engine bay, which originally housed a 3.0-liter I6.  Two turbos provide even more oomph.  (Makes me wonder what a real IS F would be like with forced induction.)

Power absolutely explodes from a stock 215 horsepower up front to a pants-shittingly high 861 at the rear in a crescendo that can only be described as deafening.

Originally posted on LS1Tech

Michael Adams (Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:02:41 -0700): Nice IS 861 horses
Damien Spasz Meade (Tue, 18 Nov 2014 15:51:51 -0800): Prentice Cox why doe?