• Royal Flushness

    May 1, 2008

    "Flushness" is a relatively new phenomenon in the auto world, but it's one that Lexus people have taken to with aplomb. Here's the definition from the guys who coined the term: "Hellaflush is all about car styling while being functional. It focuses mostly on exterior aesthetics while tipping its hat to the performance side of tuning." Low offset, low ride heights, tucked tires... The focus is on fitment and driveability, not pure looks or lowness.Bright wheels, air bags, and tasteful body mods are a great start. He doesn't even have to add crazy camber to tuck his tires because his wheels aren't some crazy offset. No question, he could probably go bigger, but we like it this way. NO BUMPER NO PROBLEM >>... Read more

  • Drifting is a new phenomenon, but it didn't take long for the IS 300 to be absorbed into the culture. It's a fairly accessible, rear wheel drive platform which makes it ideal for constant repair work that drifters have to make. But fixing and IS 300 is still expensive, which is why sometimes drifters get a little... creative. Dings, dents, and busted body work are something like badges of honor. Busted fender? Eh, just stitch it up with zip-ties. Hit a wall sideways? Don't worry, just JB weld your mirrors back on. As long as you can still drive, you're good. That diy ethos and style is part of why drifting is so popular.Also, it's really fun.Got any additions? Tell us in the forums!... Read more

  • Park Hard

    May 1, 2008

    Carbon fiber. Vented hoods. Sport Suspension. Call it what you want, but race cars look good.The old adage goes "win on sunday sell on monday." That's not quite the case any more, but the hyper aggressive, performance oriented look of race cars have definitely filtered down into body kits and vented hoods and carbon fiber spoilers. Sure your car might not be a track killer, but that's no reason not to make it look good.STREET HUNTER >>... Read more

  • Lexus Introduces 2008 High-Performance IS F Sport Sedan October 23, 2007 - Torrance, CA - The 2008 Lexus IS F high-performance sedan is the first production model to wear the brand's new "F" marque. Based on the robust IS sport sedan platform, the 2008 IS F will deliver 416 horsepower from a specially engineered 5.0-liter V8 engine and will accelerate from zero-to-60 mph in 4.6 seconds when it arrives at Lexus dealerships in early 2008.... Read more

  • http://www.planetsoarer.comOur aim is to unite the owners of these special vehicles across the world by using the Internet as a communication medium. We will centre our content around the Lexus SC400 / Soarer coupe, but certainly welcome owners of all Lexus vehicles.... Read more

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