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The Outright Joy in Uncovering Your Hidden Lexus Features


One of the great things about picking up a new Lexus is that by the time it gets old, you still haven’t found all the cool features hidden inside your magical ride.

  Comments | By - March 16, 2015

Power Failure: Did Lexus Try Hard Enough With Lexus GS F?


When rumors began swirling that Lexus was preparing a crazy go-fast F version of the GS that would inspire the same level of petrol-headed lunacy as the RC F, it obviously created a storm of excitement.

  Comments | By - February 27, 2015

GS-F Prototype Spotted in Germany

It’s been a while since I’ve heard or seen any new information about the Lexus GS. The car has a new chassis, a new grill, and a new F-Sport. In fact, the only thing it’s missing is an F.

  Comments | By - May 8, 2014

The Evolution of Lexus’ Spindle Grille

When I was originally introduced to Lexus’ now signature spindle grille, I wondered who on the executive design team came up with the idea and (honestly) what possessed them to do so. Autocar has finally found an answer.

  Comments | By - February 7, 2014

Someone Put this GS400 on 26″ Wheels

Yep. This is a real thing that exists. It’s the closest thing to driving the kind of car a 5-year old would draw if you asked him. Welcome to Memphis.

  Comments | By - December 18, 2013

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