LFA Nürburgring Package Ripping on the Autobaun

If you speak Japanese, you’ll be able to understand exactly what lucky journalist Manabu Kawaguhi says as he drives along Germany’s famous no-holds-barred highway. But even if your Japanese is as limited as ours–we can count to eight and drink Asahi–you’ll enjoy it, because the fantastic V10 speaks a universal tongue.

  Comments | By - October 12, 2011

Uber-Exclusive Lexus LFA on Not-So-Exclusive eBay

When the LFA debuted back in 2009, there was a lot of static about how Lexus’ uber-exclusive halo car could only be leased. But that was basically just a way to insure American examples found their way into the hands of true fans–and not folks just looking to flip supercars for profit.

  Comments | By - October 10, 2011

Jeremy Clarkson Introduces the Lexus LFA for Forza 4

It’s really hard not to love Jeremy Clarkson. And the Forza 4 team had a stroke of genius when they had the legendary Top Gear host lend his trademark wit to the vehicle introductions for the latest installment of the series.

  Comments | By - October 10, 2011

Commercial Break: Five Cool Lexus Advertisements

Like a lot of auto geeks, I’ve got a thing for car commercials, and Lexus has produced some killer ads. So I’ve assembled a few of the editorial staff’s favorites here–but one defied our searches. Check them out, and discover which video we couldn’t track down.

  Comments | By - October 6, 2011

Autocar Reviews the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package in Very British Video

The lads at Top Gear aren’t the only Brits who flog supercars on camera. Here the Autocar gents give us their take on the LFA Nurburgring Package. Why do they think Lexus’ wicked halo car is in danger of turning into a London bus? Hit the jump to find out.

  Comments | By - October 6, 2011

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