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isseland 05-07-03 03:45 PM

Replacement tires for RX300.
Is anybody driving on the Toyo Open Country A/T 225/70/16 or 235/70/16?




gp1200x 05-07-03 05:15 PM

Nope sorry....but buy your tire type based on how and where you drive. If you never go off road and rarely pull boats out of the water and if it doesn't snow in your part of the country...get highway tires instead of the knobby AT tires. I have noticed many of the new SUVs are using high end highway tires and and migrating away from the knobby tires for a smoother ride and less road noise. Remember you will probably live with these tires for 3 years.

How many RX3XX owners actually take their vehicles off road? This would be a good question! (I don't include pulling a boat out of the water or parking on the front lawn as off-road use.) I'll bet it is less than 3 % if that!

eyebike 05-07-03 07:03 PM

Found mention of a Toyo M410 Open Country Radial in a Consumer Reports ratings dated November 2001. . It was rated #1 in the category All-seasons tires for SUV. This is what they said: "An excellent all-around choice. Excellent dry cornering, very good wet cornering. 50,000-mile warranty." Not sure how if this is the same model you are looking at.

Lexmexico 05-08-03 08:06 AM

If you want some good advice do not go with Toyos. Mexico City has some of the worst streets, and Toyota badly misjudged this when they started selling Camrys and Corollas here with those tires. Meanwhile, the Matrix, 4-Runner and Sienna, with Bridgestones held up nicely. Toyos were taking too many knicks on the side wall when they hit curbs or when going over awkward speed bumps (this city is full of them).

After getting rid of my Integritys, went with the 235-70-16 Michelin Cross-Terrains. Down here, they sell them with 5-ply instead of the normal 3-ply stateside. Best tires I have ever owned. No pulling to one side, better cornering, and yes....being one of those proud 3% who take their RX offroad, these tires handle excellently.

Chuckieb 05-09-03 08:47 AM

We have Toyo Proxes on my wife's Celica, (replaced some really crappy Michelin's) but it is hard to beat the Michelins on the RX. We have the LTX's, people seem to love the new Cross Terrain's too. They tested very well in wet, dry, and snow traction (a big consideration for us Canadians). And believe me, they really do haul ass in the snow! I was amazed!

jeffg 05-09-03 04:01 PM

I've been running Toyo "Tranpath S/U"s on my Harrier for the last 18 months with no problems.

These are similar to the original equipment Toyos on the JDM Harriers. I got ~ 70k kms (45k miles) from the original Tranpaths and they weren't fully worn out at that point - the tyre shop gave me a reasonable trade-in discount on the new tyres.

The S/Us are a more road baised profile than the originals - more suited to my needs - I do take the Harrier off road occasionally but most of the milage is to/from work..

98 Harrier S

steelgtr 05-12-03 09:25 AM


What is the quietest tire for lowest road noise? We have the stock Goodyears and in California, the concrete freeways are very noisy. When the road changes to a smoother surface, the noise level drops dramatically. The drone form the concrete is very loud!



Purdy99 05-12-03 05:41 PM

If you search the forum, you'll find plenty of accolades for the Cross Terrain SUV's. (Michelin)

I just bought a set of 4 from Costco (in Canada) for $750Can. Makes my RX smooth as butter, and puts the OEM tires (Bridgestone's) to shame.

steelgtr 05-12-03 07:30 PM


Originally posted by Purdy99
If you search the forum, you'll find plenty of accolades for the Cross Terrain SUV's. (Michelin)

I just bought a set of 4 from Costco (in Canada) for $750Can. Makes my RX smooth as butter, and puts the OEM tires (Bridgestone's) to shame.

Thanks, Purdy

Is the concensus that they are quieter than the Goodyear Integritys'?



Purdy99 05-12-03 07:35 PM

urm...the concensus is that the Goodyears are, to be blunt...junk :)

seriously, the cross terrains are fantastic. smooth as glass, and stick to a wet road like glue. (in rains pretty much every day of the year wher i live).

gp1200x 05-13-03 03:53 AM has the 235/70/16 Michelins Cross Terrain for $95 each. wants more think. They were $70 each at the end of last year (special). I installed a set of four. I have noticed one thing about the Cross Terrains...the tread pattern is wide and they tend to collect stones in the tread. The Goodyears have a tighter car like tread and this did not happen. As far as road noise, most people think the Michelins are quieter but I really didn't notice any difference and neither did the other drivers who tested it (compared to the Goodyear Integrity). We have blacktop on our roads so I can't know how they would have compared to each other on concrete surfaces (they could be a world apart).

rogerh00 05-13-03 05:43 PM

Purdy99 says: urm...the concensus is that the Goodyears are, to be blunt...junk

I have the goodyears on my 01 and have no issues with them. I live in Central NY where we had 150 inches of snow and ice this past winter. Where do these opinions come from? The tire is quiet, and a overall performer in wet and snow conditions while being affordable. I have a feeling it is not your designer look for some.

Purdy99 05-13-03 09:04 PM

I'm not sure what your saying with your last sentence.

As for where the opinions are coming from, have you searched this board? Other Lexus boards? Ever???
I think you're the first person I've encountered who has had anything good to say about the Integrity's.

Again, my RX came with Duelers, so I have no personal experience with the Goodyears. I'm just relaying what I've been reading on everyone else's posts.

rogerh00 05-14-03 05:18 AM

Yes, I have searched and read this forum for as long as you have. I did a quick search to refresh my memory and found two positives posts right off the bat. Of the two stock tires that came with the '01 Rx I recall seeing more negatives on the Bridgestone. The integrity are certainly not the best tire one could purchase depending on their needs. This tire was selected by Lexus for overall use. Probably most people would buy other tires when they need to replace their stock ones. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. But to call a tire junk without having owned them is off base unless you qualify your statement that you have no personal experience with them.

To the original poster: Sorry for straying off thread here. I would prefer to read opinions from first hand experience rather than someone forming an opinion for me.

RX300-BV 05-14-03 11:15 AM


Go to and check out what most reviewers say about the Goodyear Integritys. I have an RX300 with just over 1000 miles and already have noticed two occasions where the Integritys lost traction. One was on wet pavement the other dry. Both times the VSC and or TRAC kicked in and the tires ragained traction. I'll most likely keep the Integritys until they are worn down then look to replace them possibly with the Michelin Cross Terrains.

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