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djs123 02-11-14 06:03 PM

Crack in wheel of 2006 LS430 - new wheel is $680
I thought I had a flat tire, only to find out that there is a crack in my wheel. Goodyear (where I bought my tires) told me that they could not repair it and Lexus would have to order a new one. When I called Lexus they said the estimated cost was $680.00. I stopped at Auto Zone, (I'm in Florida) they don't repair wheels and could recommend no one. I am taking it to Lexus next week, since they said there is one tech who could take a look, if it's at the rim, he may be able to fix it, but I'm not counting on that.
Anyone have any advice. The tire is good, the spare is not a perfect wheel and is not an option as a permanent fix.

rominl 02-11-14 06:12 PM

have you tried looking on ebay or craigslist on used ones?

whoster 02-11-14 06:19 PM

I think it's a little less than that through Sewell Lexus, isn't it?

geko29 02-11-14 06:47 PM

I had a cracked wheel (a 19" that runs 30-profile tires) repaired at Wheels America last fall for about $100. It was on the inside edge, so they didn't have to refinish it--think it would have added another $1-200 if they had. They have locations all over the place, might be worth a look.

bagwell 02-11-14 07:34 PM

just Google "wheel repair in XXXXX, FL"

cheaper than an ebay wheel....

bitkahuna 02-11-14 07:40 PM

prob not worth it but wheel wizard in atlanta is unreal at fixing about any rim damage for less than a new one (but shipping would probably hurt a lot). maybe call 'em and ask for the best in FL.

LiCelsior 02-11-14 07:51 PM

do u have the 17" wheel or the 18" sport wheel? chrome or just regular alloy finish?

-J-P-L- 02-11-14 08:02 PM

If fixing isn't an option, I'd just go to a good after market rim source (like TireRack) and get a whole set of nicer wheels for less than that $680. Updated look. Unique.

LexFather 02-11-14 08:06 PM

lol….wheels and tires forum?

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