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e-man 10-25-13 04:05 PM

93 versus 97 load index
Quick question. All else being equal, will there be a difference in ride quality in a tire that has a 93 load rating versus a tire with a 97 load rating (i.e., size, speed rating, everthing else the same)?

I know the question seems simple, and the answer seems obvious, but I just want to confirm. Thanks.


[email protected] 10-26-13 08:57 AM

93 can hold 1433lbs/tire and 97 can hold 1609/tire, I doubt you would really be able to feel the difference between the two. If you do the 93 just make sure it meets the minimum requirements for your vehicle and you'll be fine.

Load Ratings

e-man 10-26-13 09:05 AM

Thanks for the reply. The minium for my car (2006 GS430) is 93. I just replaced the Pilot Sport A/S Plus (93y rating) with Pilot Sport A/S 3 (97y rating). The A/S 3 feel a lot stiffer to me. Now granted, I had the Serenity Plus on the car for a month in between so that could be skewing my opinion slightly. But I deve in the A/S Plus for about 18 months and I don't recall them ever being this stiff. I called Michelin yesterday and they seemed to think that was the issue, but then again, maybe I'm imagining it.

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