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ksan 08-13-13 05:53 AM

Recommanded tires for my 07 3GS awd
Hey CL!

Just to start this post, let me vent a little... lol

So I'm having the worst luck today, and popped a tire on the highway on my way to work today! Well I'm a little mechanically inclined so I'm like whatever ill change it. Come to find out I didn't have the stock jack in the trunk, that's just my luck! Luckily I didn't have to walk far to the office, and take the company car to use the jack. So to end this rant I had to throw on the ugly yellowish orange spare FML.

But my question is for this post is, what are recommended tires for this car and what you experienced?

I was looking at the Continental Extreme DWS for the 3gs due to all season because I live in MASS, and these crazy snow storms we get. I called my buddy at town fair town, and got a whole sale price, and quoted me $600.00. Worth it? or what other brands should I look for?

Looking for any input or advice!

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