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D-MAN63 04-08-01 02:41 PM

Just wanted to tell you guys how the Toyo tires are , if anyone is going to buy it. I bought the T1-S series a few days ago and they are FANTASTIC. I am running 245/35/20 all around and the ride is incredible. Very low noise at 60-65 mph and the ride comfort is very good. The traction and handling in the wet is good as well. The V pattern is impressive and I feel a big difference from my old tires Yokohamas and ESPECIALLY bridgestone (the ones on my 17's).

Hope this helps.

GS4Will 04-08-01 02:45 PM

good for you
thanks D,

glad to hear you like the toyos.
i heard tons of good things about the T1-S before i recommended the toyos to you.
just wondering, how much did each tire cost you?

D-MAN63 04-08-01 04:31 PM

GS4WILL, it wasn't that bad, it was $303 per tire, it was even cheaper than the yokos and the yokos had a reputation of being a good tire with a great $$$ value. My friend bought the same ones as me and he loved it! The guy at the store told me that the toyos can last a very long time.

Black_IS300 04-08-01 05:44 PM

I just recently got a set of the Toyo T1-S's( 225/40/18 ) also. I am very impressed with them so far. When I got them put on they put the Toyo FZ4's on by mistake. They had to order my T1-s's so I drove around for a day on the FZ4's. I was slipping and slidding everywhere on the FZ4's and they were supposevley a high performance tire. When I got the T1-s (ultra high performance tire) put on there was such a huge difference! Very good traction and in the rain too. I recomend these tires. I had Nitto 555 extreme on before and the toyos are better IMO.

Black_IS300 04-08-01 05:45 PM

Dam.. 20's are expensive... For 18's it was $200 / tire

GS4Will 04-08-01 08:36 PM

the T1-S
thanks, B

you were lucky to get a free test drive on the FZ4s.
your feedbacks solidify my confidence on the T1-S;)

David GS400 04-16-01 11:15 PM

Toyo Tires
Black IS300:

I was thinking about Toyo T1-S's, but I need a 19" tire. Didn't look like they had the sizes I need. I'm considering Nittos; what was your comparison on the Nitto 555's vs. the Toyo T1-S's?

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