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Marklouis 08-28-13 12:40 PM

NCAAF: Polls top 25 & the last of the BCS era
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As College football kicks off this week, remember it is the beginning of the end of the BCS. I'm looking foward to the playoff system coming in 2014. :thumbup:

As for now, I'm ready. Fire up the Grills, pop the tops, and lets talk turkey about College Football.

Hoovey2411 08-28-13 09:45 PM

Let's go Oregon State!! Go Beavs!!

Marklouis 08-29-13 12:23 PM

<Beavs have some time to build up really well before they have to face Stanford. the outcome of Stanford's game against UCLA the week before will certainly have an impact on how they play against the Beavs - you better hope UCLA slows them down.

Marklouis 08-29-13 12:26 PM

looking like Johnny Football has pretty much been cleared and will be playing the season with A&M, except for one-half on their first game against Rice.

I think everyone wants to see what this Manziel kid can do not only in College, but the NFL, if he keeps his head in line.

Boomer01 08-30-13 06:43 AM

I doubt he has a similar year to last season unless he really turns himself around. He definitely needs to ditch his "uncle" and focus on the game. There is also rumors of problems in the locker room because of him and his antics.

Marklouis 08-30-13 07:23 AM

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Originally Posted by Boomer01 (Post 8115891)
I doubt he has a similar year to last season unless he really turns himself around. He definitely needs to ditch his "uncle" and focus on the game. There is also rumors of problems in the locker room because of him and his antics.

these kind of distractions for a starting QB can unravel the trust and playability of a team for sure, I haven't read of the issues he has with his team mates, if that's the case Coach Sumlin better snap him into shape, quick!

yesterdays games:

was really suprised that USC didn't have more points on the board, that or Hawaii is getting that much better.

Indiana had a field day.

Ole Miss and Vandy was a good watch.

Rutgers and Fresno St. had the ultimate score battle w/OT

South cackalacky performed as expected.

Hello Minnesota :thumbup:

Ball St. proved who was the toughest red bird. :D

Marklouis 09-07-13 01:31 PM

Virginia giving a good fight against Oregon

Hoovey2411 09-07-13 01:39 PM

Well Oregon State losing to lower division Eastern Washington last week was not a good start. Lets see how we fair against Hawaii tonight

Marklouis 09-07-13 04:15 PM

Should get past Hawaii no prob I'd think.

Virginia pretty much gave up.

Just realized Oregon jumped the Buckeyes for 2nd.

Sooners shouldnt have any issues against Wv.

Edit: Sooners actually struggling a bit.

Georgia and the Gamecocks seem evenly matched.

projectdna 09-07-13 06:26 PM

Miami beat #12 Florida. Either Miami is sneaky good, or Florida simply isn't.

Georgia bounces back from a could've-would've-should've against Clemson and beats South Carolina. This could be the start of Aaron Murray's Heisman campaign (17/23, 309 YDS, 4 TDs, 0 INTs). But as we all know, the Heisman isn't won in week 2...

Beat-down of the week (so far) goes to Baylor for hanging 70 on, uh, Buffalo, who also got handed 40 by Ohio State last week. Anytime a team allows 110 points in back-to-back games should be automatically demoted to the FCS.

Marklouis 09-07-13 08:49 PM


Now Texas. What happened there Mac Brown??

Sooners may drop in polls also

projectdna 09-07-13 10:42 PM

I don't see (16) Oklahoma moving down in the rankings, even if the Sooners' win wasn't pretty by most standards. The only reason the Sooners get a boost in the rankings is due to the teams ahead of them losing.

(14) Notre Dame will drop a few into the second half of the top 25. (17) Michigan will get close to the top ten if not in it.

(15) Texas will drop as far as into the 20's, possibly out of the top 25 altogether.

USC is trailing Washington State 10-7 w/ the clock winding down in the 4th. Maybe it's best that I'm not watching that game.

projectdna 09-07-13 10:58 PM

... and USC drops one to Washington State. at home.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

Hoovey2411 09-08-13 11:36 AM

Well done to my beloved Pac-12 this week!

Arizona State 55 - 0 Sacramento State
Utah 70 - 7 Weber State
Oregon 59 - 10 Virginia
California 37 - 30 Portland State
Colorado 38 - 24 Central Arkansas
Oregon State 33 - 14 Hawaii
Washington State 10 - 7 USC
Arizona 58 - 13 UNLV
Stanford 34 - 13 San Jose State

projectdna 09-08-13 06:12 PM

Pac-12 is going to face some serious challenges next week:

(16) UCLA @ (23) Nebraska - a contrast of styles
Fresno State @ Colorado - what's better: top of the Mountain West, or bottom of the Pac-12?
(19) Washington @ Illinois - mediocre meets mediocre. there must be a win, even if it's... mediocre.
(4) Ohio State @ Cal - Braxton Miller hurt improves Cal's chances of winning. Cal will need this as a statement win and set a tone for the rest of the season.
Wisconsin @ Arizona State - the classic "immovable object vs. irresistible force" discussion: ASU's Will Sutton vs. Wisconsin's classic Big 10-style O-line.
Boston College @ USC - only because you're really not sure which team is going to show up.
Southern Utah @ Washington State - only because you're... uh, see above.
Oregon State @ Utah - another conference match-up. this is more evenly matched than most may think.

on the other hand, these games should be easily in favor of the Pac-12 teams

UTSA @ Arizona: UTS... what?
(5) Stanford @ Army: despite being so highly ranked, Stanford is quietly going about its business.
Tennessee @ (2) Oregon: it's not about Oregon winning, but Oregon winning by how many touchdowns...

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