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1JZPWRD 10-30-12 06:45 PM

Alabama on the way to another national championship?
Yet another year goes by and still Alabama is undeafeted. Many people have stated they havent played anybody, but after the seven or so week, has anyone seen any team that can compare to points scored, points allowed, defense, time of poseession, and a well coached, well staffed Nick Saban football program?

I can remember how many times I have heard on the local news, ESPN, talk shows and so on, the statement of how many seniors graduated and moved on, how well the next level guy on the defense is going to respond to the challenge. I must say they have accepted this challenge and has played very well. Some in my opinion have exceeded. The defense and offense both have showed their ability to take control of the clock, and control of the ball for most of the game. I was thinking that the last game versus Mississippi State was going to be a little closer. Alabama has proven to be the most well balanced football team that I have seen so far, on both sides of the ball. Only time will tell how they will compete and play against another great team, LSU this weekend in LSU territory. I am a little nervous about how this game will challenge them, and how LSU got a by week off from before playing Alabama. They will be a rampage to not let happen what they allowed have happen last to them again. I am sure Nick Saban's team is mentally and physically prepared for the challenge. Let the game begin.....

Whats everyone thoughts on the Tide taking to another national championship trophy???? :D

1JZPWRD 11-04-12 06:45 PM

Man, was I on my heels just yesterday. My throat is still sore from screaming and yelling. I thought the Alabama Crimson Tide went down in Baton Rouge. OMG what a game they played against us. I was totally impressed with the way LSU moved the ball, but I dont think the players lost the game, the coach did. I say this because of the decision making from the side line.. Should have kicked it away and tried the fake field goal.. Alabama allowed more points on both sides of the ball than the entire year last night. I was glad to see AJ pull through with his offensive line and make the last drive to win the game. I am proud of the way the SEC has dominated the last several years of college football. They need to be prepared for the Texas A and M game and their lightning offense. If Bama wins this one, they will be undefeated in my book and another National Champions in the book under Nick Saban. I give the team LSU my hats off for pulling it out, but just wasnt enough for the upset in the so called hostile environment.

1JZPWRD 11-18-12 04:46 PM

Well after Oregon and Kansas State losing, this puts Alabama back in the race again for the BCS. I educated guess will be Bama and Notre Dame.

SC300NW 11-29-12 09:25 PM

Looks good for Alabama. But, no offense to Alabama or Notre Dame fans, it also looks like another boring BCS Championship game for everyone else. The SEC might be the best conference in CF, but I can't stand watching their games. B-O-R-I-N-G. Maybe it's CBSs lame announcers.

And yes, I wish my Cougs were as good as a mediocre SEC team.

I wish you the best for your Crimson Tide!

Marklouis 11-30-12 10:53 AM

have to get pass Georgia first, they have proven to be a very potent team when they have it together. This will be a tough game for Bama, nd it's in the Georgia Dome. let's just hope all come out Healthy.

1JZPWRD 11-30-12 08:22 PM

Georgia will bring the A game, I assure you. This will be another LSU physical full 60 minutes football game if coach Nick Saban has anything to with it. Alabama is favored by 7, but they MUST get their running game started. Georgia will be expecting it. They both have their fair share of injuries, i think Alabama has a better offensive line, due to their size, teamwork together, past experiences, and being physical over Georgia. Not saying Georgia is a slouch by any means but Bama has an edge. Georgia has a better pass rusher and the same for the defenses.. only time will tell. I say Alabama by 10, if they score first.

1JZPWRD 01-04-13 07:44 PM

Well what is everyone's thoughts now, since they have proven to be better than Georgia? That was one of the best bowl games I have seen. Alo tof hard work, determination, self discilpine, and control for both teams. I believe if Georgia had another ball possession, it could have been ugly for the Christmas Tide. Who knows?

Alabama has been favored by spread 10 or so. They had better bring their A game. Notre Dame has something to prove and aint but one team in the way of proving it. I am glad to see Jesse Williams, Barret Jones, and Kenney Bell playing in this last game. Only time will tell what will happen. There have been many upsets in the bowl games, this is just crazy of how these lower rank teams have put an a whippen on the oppopnent.

suprahero 01-04-13 07:49 PM

There's no way a bunch of Leprechauns can whip The Crimson Tide!!!!!!!

Roll Tide!!!!!

1JZPWRD 01-04-13 07:51 PM

Thats the way to comment Jay... Roll Tide !!!

They are ready!

Joey-E 01-05-13 02:45 AM

Should be a good one, who would of thought ND would be in the championship?:eek2:
I'll be watching closely since the Raiders got the number 3 draft pick coming up and Manti Te'o might be on the top of their list. :thumbup::)

Although the Number 1 team and beat my Trojans, ND is the underdog so ill pick ND for the fun of it and hope its a close game :thumbup::)

suprahero 01-06-13 10:27 AM

I hope it's a close game also. I want it to be a nail biter till the end and then have AJ mastermind a two minute march down the field, score, put Bama ahead by two. Buzzer goes off, National Champions baby!!!!!!!!

Marklouis 01-06-13 08:21 PM

we will see how ND's front seven stack up against the 5 horsemen.


suprahero 01-07-13 04:18 PM

I'm about to go to Wally world to get all the makings for some tacos and cheese dip. I love me some mexican food and Alabama football.

Roll Tide Roll

1JZPWRD 01-07-13 08:04 PM





projectdna 01-07-13 09:36 PM

Alabama playing Nick Saban-style football: methodical, almost surgical, disciplined...

well, except when A.J. McCarron gave Barrett Jones an earful, and Jones shoved McCarron. lol.

a dominating show on both sides of the ball by Alabama. the difference is Alabama's ground and pound game, setting up the Tide's passing game.

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