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bishop 07-08-01 06:29 AM

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Did anyone else catch this?

Toyota turns to Brabus foran image boost....a hot LS430? CS430 with TTE footwork!
Difficult to swallow? Our scoop troopers had to look twice. Imagine that. Brabus-tuned Lexuses? The just-unveiled Lexus LS430 and the upcoming "coupe" will get 19 inch wheels, over 300 kW, tweaked suspension and "Brabus tuned" badging. In a bold marketing move, Toyota has invited the well-known German tuning specialist to give Lexus the Brabus treatment and improve its image, especially in Europe. Sources suggest that Brabus will take Toyota's US-spec 212 kW, 4.3 litre V8 and pump it to over 300 kW and ultra-wide 245/45 rubber shod. That's not all. Toyota's WRC arm, TTE, will take charge of the CS430's footwork, targetting the Benz S coupe and XKR. Launch date? The LS430 should surface in early 2001 to coincide with Toyota's entry into F1 and the CS430 soon after.

Manaray 07-08-01 10:09 AM

Well the info is from Feb. 2000 and NOTHING has been heard since then...

I can't image that Brabus would "hurt" their existing Mercedes business by doing this...but who knows...

It would be cool though...

bishop 07-08-01 11:20 AM

Hi Manaray,

Yeah...noticed the date of the info after posting it.
It would definitely be cool though.

But, does that picture look Photoshop'd?
The Brabus plate looks like it is.
Lipspoiler? rims? Hmmmm.............

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kaban 07-08-01 01:58 PM

Wow, I hope Toyota came through with this deal....
This is what Lexus should've done a long time ago, have a reputable tuning company mod up their cars. With full warrenty and a full array of modifications.

Now let's have a GS version of it too and I will be their first customer. :)
btw 300 kW is how many HP?

Richie 07-08-01 05:11 PM

300 KW = 408 HP
I think.

It would be cool if we had Brabus Lexus'

gs4power 07-08-01 05:28 PM

That is correct!

1 hp (metric) = 0.735499 kW

GlobeCLK 07-08-01 10:01 PM

If I remembered correctly, Brabus DID tune a LS (prev-gen) back in 97 or 98. Rims, kit, yah but nothing on the engine.

Kaban 07-08-01 10:08 PM

Thanks guys, 408hp...M5 territory. I like it. :D

hey 1sick,

I read somewhere that Lexus is trying very hard to make the GS equal to the German counterparts. Supposely TRD is working on a euro suspension and a charger for the GS.

Turns out L-Tuned is the suspension, but TRD could not make the GS reliable enough to handle the charger. Toyota wanted reliability to their standard, like last 100k miles and up, but fall short of that goal. Maybe that's why they're going with Brabus and hopefully they can come out with something amazing. :cool:

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