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ChickenIS 12-04-12 04:31 AM

FIGS Front Lower Arm Rear Mount #2 Poly Bushing 90 duro HP
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After realizing the 3rd set of front tires was worn bald on the inside edge while leaving 20k of tread on the rest of the tire and after several alignments which had no result, I pulled the trigger on these bushings. FIGS' video also makes a solid case for the amount of slop in the factory front LCA rear bushings.

I don't drive the car much, but I noticed how the steering wheel never felt like it wanted to track straight when going over uneven road surfaces both at speed on the FWY and when coming to a stop. My wife slowly adapted to having the death grip on the wheel. I would ask "do you notice how your car drives?" She would say "no" :egads:

I replaced all four shocks about 2 months ago. Noticed a big improvement in how the car absorbed bumps and the ride felt solid again, but the steering still felt weird. While doing the shocks I noticed how the 2 year old front tires were worn nearly to the steel belts on the inside edges. Lastweek the front tires were replaced and things improved further, but the drive still felt sloppy. Yesterday I installed the new poly bushings. The alignment still needs to get checked, but the sloppy feeling is gone. There is some increased NVH (90 durometer high performance version used), but it's not bad and it's worth the solid feeling the car has. The car has 90k miles on it. We will see how the tire wear goes. Total cost was about $240 ($210 parts $30 labor to press out old and press in new at a local alignment shop). Thanks Mike.

Here are some photos:

ChickenIS 12-04-12 04:36 AM

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JDKane527 12-04-12 10:25 AM

Nice, I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on getting these, with the December sales and all. My car only has 70k miles, so mine aren't as worn as yours are with 90k. When did you start noticing the slop?

ChickenIS 12-04-12 12:57 PM

I noticed things going downhill with the steering around 70k miles.

ChickenIS 01-22-13 02:57 PM

B16da9 01-23-13 05:18 AM

I would love to get these for my car but the price is just insane for two bushings. Hell I've bought complete bushings kits for others cars and they've cost less than just these two.

ChickenIS 01-23-13 07:14 PM

Yes that is true but it is more than just a bushing. Its pretty robust and is a crucial part of the suspension. The driving experience after the install is a bonus. Not trying to justify the purchase please believe. Lastly, they are made in Austrailia so you know it's legit and cost a grip to ship. The Aussies know wth is going on with auto mods.

Offspring 02-10-13 09:41 PM

Just pulled the trigger on these. Lets see how the tire wear goes . Sick of buying tires every 15k miles

Gville350 02-11-13 12:58 PM

Wish I could afford every last one of those bushings from Figs. Report back on your findings after the install. Don't forget about an alignment.

JDKane527 02-11-13 01:28 PM

Offspring 02-18-13 08:27 PM

my shop was unable to install mine. something about couldnt press it in without the tool getting stuck. chicken how did you get yours done ?

ChickenIS 03-09-13 02:25 PM

My apologies for the late response. I took the loose bushings to an old alignment shop where you drive over a pit. This guy had a sheetload of attachments for his press. He put two sleeves together one smaller which touched the old bushing and one larger (diameter btw) which touched the press. He scratched his head a few times before getting the 1st one out. Try another shop and good luck.

So far the tires still look great. The ride and handling is still goowad. I can let the steering wheel go over bumps and track straight even when stopping. My wife drives crazier than before and gets the calm down chime on onramps. But I can not get het to hold the steering wheel at 10 2 or 3 9. She one hand 12s it:cry:

JDKane527 what do you think?

HAiS250 03-12-13 10:18 AM


you notice a vibration after installing the figs bushings?

ChickenIS 03-24-13 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by HAiS250 (Post 7817345)

you notice a vibration after installing the figs bushings?

No vibration. Nothing like doing a poly engine or trans mount as in some vehicles where all of the vibration comes through the firewall into the steering wheel and pedals. Just a slight increase in firmness & feel over bumps. My gauge is my wife and she hasn't said anything about it being bad. I really don't know how to describe it other than not a soft as the factory rubber. If you were to get the softer duro bushing set it would really be insignificant IMO. I installed the higher duro because it was in stock and I took a gamble.

Darkchylde 05-21-13 11:34 AM

Figs LCA bushings
Getting these installed tomorrow, has there been a noticeable improvement in inside tire wear since you installed them? Thanks.

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