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DaveGS4 01-12-11 06:18 PM

Effective January 2011, restrictions for members with < 30 posts and one month on CL
As of January 2011, Club Lexus is implementing some reasonable restrictions for members who have been on Club Lexus for less than 30 days and have made less than 30 productive posts.

1) We are restricting creation of sales threads in our Classified forums to our active forum members only. This means members must contribute to the discussion forum for a minimum of 30 days AND 30 posts before they can post any items for sale. They can respond to existing threads to ask questions and purchase items from qualified members. This change is due to a significant increase of zero-history members posting high dollar items for sale without vouches.

2) We are removing signature capability, visitor messaging capability, URL posting ability, full garage access and limiting (smaller) private message boxes for these members who don't meet the 30 day / 30 post criteria as well. This is due to a massive influx of automated and overseas spammers who abuse these features on a daily basis.

Once members meet both the minimum post-count and time criteria, they will be automatically promoted to the group that can post items for sale and have full access to the other capabilities. If members meet these criteria but have not been active on Club Lexus for some time, they must make a post in the discussion forums before being promoted.

Promotions will happen within two days of meeting the minimum criteria, so please be patient.

We are making these changes to make Club Lexus a safer and more spam-free environment; thank you for your understanding.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

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