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LexBrett 07-05-14 08:02 AM

Please help me with nitrous
Dear Friends, I have been thinking about getting nitrous installed. Would you please educate me on the risks, advantages, and typical costs involved? Am I going to ruin my engine? Please point me to the correct threads if this information already exists. Thank you for your help and time!

bacardi11 07-05-14 08:45 AM

if your looking to install nitrous I guess your looking to get a new engine. I would stay away from that hp gain. trust me on this advice.

LexBrett 07-05-14 09:18 AM

Thanks for your input. The last thing I want to do is ruin my pristine lexus engine.

Justin2JZ 07-05-14 10:23 AM

A little 50 shot wouldnt hurt but my question is why do you want to do it to a SC430? Its not meant for it.

LexBrett 07-05-14 01:27 PM

Because it would be fun! :-)

Moonstruck 07-05-14 05:32 PM

I have a friend who added nitrous to his 2010 Mustang. I have kind of lost track of him over the years, but I have been told by others who also know him that it was about a $3000 mistake. I'm sure that he had some fun but don't know if it was worth the 3 grand.

LexBrett 07-05-14 06:01 PM

Thanks, good to know. I appreciate the help from everyone. CL is a great community!

taisho 07-07-14 10:15 AM

I feel that the SC430 already has enough power to begin with. I always wanted a nitrous system installed in my previous '99 Honda Prelude; however, there's so many things that could go wrong. I can see why you would want some NOZZZZ, but the hp gain vs possible engine blowing up would not be worth it, IMO.

I would just to stick to getting an exhaust/resonator/muffler delete.

LexBrett 07-08-14 04:17 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I have a magnaflow exhaust installed, but I'm afraid I'm not educated on what else to do. What do you mean by resonators? And since I have magnaflow, which I all past the catalytic converter (I think), is my only remaining option to change to ppe headers? I hear the headers give a nice HP gain but install is a pain. What kind of gain do you get with resonators, and does the mid effect state emissions or have any other risks? Thanks!

taisho 07-08-14 10:33 AM

The resonators help dampen the sound coming from the exhaust manifold. By, removing it and installing a straight pipe will open it up, so-to-speak, and produce a little more airflow and give it that exhaust growl. Look on youtube for videos of a resonator delete. I removed my resonators and replaced my stock exhaust with Borla mufflers and I passed the California Smog & Emissions. Unless your state is lax on emissions, DO NOT remove the catalytic converters. (or if you're a mechanic and have the time and the parts to a header-back exhaust) I'll be in the process of changing out my headers to PPE tomorrow. I hope all goes well in the next few days.

LexBrett 07-08-14 11:24 AM

Thanks for the information. Was there an HP gain from deleting the reasonators? Please let me know how it goes with your PPE Headers. Where did you buy them and how much for install? Thanks!

taisho 07-08-14 01:24 PM

I'm not sure if there was any HP gain by deleting the resonators. With the resonator delete and muffler upgrade, I might've gotten like 5+ HP (guesstimate). Though my car sounds pretty's not too loud, not too quiet. It purrs around 1500rpm and quiets down thereafter.

I think the only place to buy PPE headers is at Install is a pain in the ass (do a search). Lexus has a manufacturer time to replace the exhaust manifolds at 18 hours. I was able to find a mechanic who could do it in 9-11 hours at $100/hr. You'll have to shop around to get a good quote.

Firemr2 08-02-14 07:22 PM

LexBrett i have Nitrous on my SC300. i been running a 75wet kit for months and no problems 6k miles on my setup. now i did not just throw a 75 on it right off that bat, i went from a 35, 50, and 75 .

I'm actually going to be building a direct port nitrous kit for it soon. just to make sure the nitrous is evenly distributed to each cylinder properly. i can assure you nitrous is just as safe as putting a turbo on an NA car.

just make sure you tune it or have it tuned properly. you also can to the parameters of when nitrous engages. i say go the route i went and build up to it first.

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