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rominl 10-27-05 11:34 PM

SC430 wheel fitment

i finished up the guide and posted it up, hopefully it can help members. it will be integrated with my old guideline soon

ydlee24 05-30-06 01:52 PM

Rims offset question
Hey Romini, I read your posting on the rims for the SC430 but I have a question of using 20 x 9 in front and 20 x 10 in rear with an offset of +38? Would the this offset work?

rominl 05-30-06 10:56 PM

the setup will work no problem. that's pretty conservative setup actually

ydlee24 05-31-06 05:06 PM

Romini, if you dont mind what is your opinion of having a setup of 19's in the front and 20's in the rear with a staggered width setup up as well? Will 19's prevent scraping in the front lining?

rominl 05-31-06 09:23 PM

i suggest against it, but that's me. i don't see the point of having staggered diameter at all, and i don't think it will look good. on top of that, to maintain same overall diamter, you will need to have fatter tires in the front, which makes the front wheels look even smaller (visual illusion).

just my 2 cents though

Spunk9 09-12-06 04:10 AM

link doesnt work anymore?

sniper 09-15-06 01:29 PM

Link does not seem to be working for me either...

Liquid SC 04-16-07 03:05 PM

is this archived anywhere? or is there another thread with different wheel suggestions?

betection 05-02-07 12:31 PM

hey romini,

i am interested in these wheels:

offset front 20x 8.5 = 35
offset rear 20 x 10 = 20

the rear wont fit will they?, whats the offset range for the rear that will fit?, thanks

betection 06-01-07 12:40 PM

link doesnt work anymore?

BoostAddct 06-05-07 08:20 AM

Link is not working for me either...
What does everyone think about these sizes:
Front: 20x8.5 with +20 offset
Rear: 20x10 with +20 offset
I am still unsure on what tire sizes to run so input is appreciated.

surteco 07-08-07 11:00 AM

Stock Pebble Beach Wheels
I have an '07 Pebble beach with the 18" basket wheels. I want to keep the car stock but the gap betwen the rear wheels and fender makes for a very unagressive stance. Any thoughts ona solution for this. Could a slightly larger tire be used? Any thoughts. Surteco

Richb628 07-29-07 05:38 AM

Silly question that dealer can't answer for me- will Tourmaline wheels for 2007 fit on a 2003?

rominl 07-30-07 10:24 PM

yes it will fit, fitment for all sc430 hasn't changed as far as i know

Din 08-22-07 08:29 PM

my friend is getting a 02 SC430 he wants to know if this wheel set up will fit..

Front 20"x8.5 114.3x5 with 2.5 inch lip offset +40
Rear 20"x10 114.3x5 with 3.5 inch lip offset +38


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