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Deciding which SC to buy

Old 03-31-18, 09:47 AM
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people were telling me the same thing when i was going from sc300 to my sc400. Get something modern they said, youll like it better they said. Well i dont regret buying mine, not even for an instant. My other option was a G35 and after getting a chance to drive one i still prefer my sc400.
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Old 03-31-18, 10:44 PM
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Yeah I thought about the G35 also. But down here in south florida you see them Everywhere every single day. SC400 or Sc300 on the other hand; maybe once in month. they're getting more rare everyday. Next you'll see them once a year hahahahah... It's gonna happen.
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Old 04-04-18, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by KoalaFD View Post
I'll forgive you for this, Grandmax, not because you're 20 years old but because you have an appreciation of awesome cars. I'll agree that the Supra Twin Turbo of course beats the SC family in power. But looks? SC all the way. I fully recognize and disclose my bias.

I have both SC400 and SC300 - if you're going to stay automatic and mostly stock, then SC400 is the way to go. That motor is nigh indestructable, I think mine has 240k on it and still runs like a beast and starts up every time. If you're going to modify heavily (turbo or swap), SC300 is probably better. Of course, if you want manual, then SC3 is your only choice.
haha sorry i worded my post wrong, i love the looks of both equally, atleast with the 1st gen Scs. I like the newer bumpers on the 97s and so on, but i just feel like the early ones are more clean. Thats why i love the look of supras with no body kits or anything. i like simple.
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Old 04-07-18, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by vteruni View Post
Get something modern they said, youll like it better they said.
It was so far ahead of typical cars when introduced, I still consider it modern. More electronic gadgets = modern to most folks, and that's pathetic.
I can parallel park, look in my mirrors for other traffic, and dial my own phone. I don't need my car to do such things for me, I find it annoying. I damn sure don't want it to talk to me.
However, I do agree there is great value in the engine efficiency gained by the more powerful electronics, but the 250HP my old SC400 makes is more than enough power to get me ticketed regularly.

Disclaimer: Truth be known, if a car is fuel injected and has disc brakes, I consider it modern anyway. Some "modern" cars still have drums on the back.

My advice is not to sweat too much over which model to buy, and look for the lowest mileage, best maintained SC that you can afford. They're all good.
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Old 04-09-18, 10:14 AM
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My vote goes for the SC400.. Easier to find, the 1UZ sings, and it has more power/torque. As a 93 5spd owner, I think the only justification for the sc300 is the optional manual transmission, but they're hard to find and some people charge way too much for one. Some will argue that the sc300 motor is a "better" option because it has more aftermarket support, but the 1UZ is superior from the factory. Plus, any money you put into a non-turbo 2JZ should have been used for a 1JZ/2JZGTE swap anyways. I'm keeping my 2jz-ge bone stock and quiet while focusing on the chassis, suspension, interior, and exterior of the car. 2JZ is a little overrated in these cars. To me, this is the best way to do a SC until you have JZ swap money or boosted 1uz money.
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Old 09-27-18, 07:53 PM
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To be honest, I kind of forgot about this thread. I was planning on buying an SC, but I ended up just keeping the car that I had for the time being. However, I’m now in the market for a car again and suprise suprise, I found myself looking at SCs again and it reminded me that this place exists. I decided to check on my old thread just to reread the advice that people had given me and to my suprise, there were so many more responses! I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to respond and give your own 0.02.
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Old 09-28-18, 01:24 PM
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So..... which way are you leaning now?

If you are not planning on doing anything engine-wise (like swapping the 2J for a 1J) then either one is okay. I recommend highly, though, to search for one with as a nice an interior as possible (except for the seats which often have to be replaced). Good luck on your search and choice....
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Old 09-28-18, 09:28 PM
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As of right now, I’m leaning towards a 400 and keeping the engine pretty much stock. However, if a nice 5 speed or low mile 300 comes up, I may still grab it.
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Old 09-29-18, 07:26 AM
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I had a 95 1uz (cd009) and then I bought a 92 2j gte. After driving the 2j gte if never go back to 1uz. Both were manual. It all comes down to power. 92 is my first turbo car also.
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Old 09-29-18, 10:36 AM
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Thanks for your opinion. It’s nice to hear from someone who has had both.
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Old 09-29-18, 02:25 PM
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Since I have 2 400s and one 300, I voted for sc300, just because I have more fun modding, you can only do so much to a 400 but a lot more to 300 because of the aftermarket!
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