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AlaskaUSA 07-20-14 12:02 PM

sc400 (97) GTE 6spd (speedometer not working)
the 97 sc400 has a 6spd GTE swap and it starts runs etc ok... the TACH works but the speedometer doesn't work and doesn't read speed at all.

any idea where I can start looking, change or fix?


97-SC300 07-20-14 12:26 PM

Is the speed sensor connected?

CatManD3W 07-21-14 10:10 AM

I have a 92 SC300 that I swapped over to GTE.....I have tried everything to get my speedo to work.....i.e new speed sensor......checked wiring over a dozen times per wiring diagrams.....I am thinking that the actual gauge itself is shot....

Vrank 07-21-14 04:32 PM

^ some days I have to give my dash a good smack for the speedo and/or tach to work in my daily beater 400.

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