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bigwes 03-18-14 08:59 AM

new wheels for 2014 XXR968
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I dont think ive seen a thread on this. I want to get your guys opinion on these wheels. I wont be buying them since I jus bought the xxr521 wheels for my ride, but these are new for the xxr company for 2014. They are work epuip rep wheels. Xxr968. They dont look as good as the work equips, but I still think its a pretty good looking wheel with a big lip and proper fitment. I know some of u hate rep wheels, and thats why im asking ur opinion, but for those of us who could careless here is a new option.:D

wirelesstj 03-18-14 10:05 AM

im definetly gonna cop me a set! its only $700 for a wheels with deep lip! i do want a set of real work equips one day though....just cant justify spending $2.5k on wheels yet

daSC4 03-18-14 11:23 AM

Looks good with that phat lip :thumbup:

lilSCsteve 03-18-14 07:43 PM

Not bad, I like them? Priced right for dd application too! I'm sure some folks will have some heart burn, but hey it is what it is? Let us know if you pull the trigger, and get these? Thanks.


Shrugy 03-18-14 07:55 PM

Post pics if you get these,

I can't wait to throw my summer wheels/tires on. Still salt/snow/potholes all over the place where I live!

Kris9884 03-18-14 09:10 PM

Oh wow I like these alot!! hmmm.. Now its between Varrstoen es6 and XXR 968 -- decisions.. Yeah, I'm cheap, no *****s.

Luxor 03-18-14 09:17 PM

I like these, they look good without the rivets.

bigwes 03-18-14 11:15 PM

I won't be getting these due to the fact that I jus bought XXR521 wheels about a month ago. I don't think my fiancÚ would like me buying two sets of wheels lol. I'm trying to get my friend to pick these up when they release

Joey-E 03-18-14 11:32 PM

I like them! :thumbup: Can never beat the real originals tho!

Acura2Lex 03-19-14 12:23 AM

Not bad at all. Do they sell in 20's?

soaringlex 03-19-14 07:22 AM

20's are listed on a few sites i've found....

I think 17/18 combo with these ugly bad boys

NYKnick101 03-19-14 07:55 AM

I like these wheels. Ive never had a serious issue with XXR wheels when I had them a few cars back. My only complaint was the wheel lips are too soft and can dent easily if your not careful. Other than that, they are pretty solid wheels. I haven't bought a set in a while since i haven't seen a style that really stuck out to me but they are great style for a decent price. Cannot go wrong

Im sure someone will start the real/fake convo but to each their own right!

bigwes 03-19-14 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by Acura2Lex (Post 8438380)
Not bad at all. Do they sell in 20's?

Yes they do sell in 20s. The 20s have a fat as hell lip too. 20x11 is the widest that they have.

mk4lex 03-20-14 02:43 AM

I Preordered a set of chromium black front 20x9 +35 rear 20x11 +15 last month came up to $971.72 shipping included

wirelesstj 03-20-14 08:01 AM

when are these gonna release?

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