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TheAzn 08-25-13 12:02 AM

Repeat Electrical Issue :(
Months ago I had an issue where when I came to a stop, my headlights, dash and radio would flicker for a second along with the electrics to keep the engine running. But it doesn't shut the engine off completely or anything, just flickers everything for a second then goes away.

Well I changed the alternator to address the issue and it went away. Now it's back, did it tonight for the first time since the new alternator.

Anyone else had this issue before or could know the root cause?

I doubt it would be the alternator again. No oil on it, etc, etc. But who knows? My battery terminals are clean but the battery isn't new. I'm thinking of replacing it.

To my understanding, there must an intermittent short. The only two things where positive and negative come close to each other would be the battery and alternator.

95SC3T 08-25-13 12:48 AM

just a shot in the dark, maybe a loose ground somewhere?

TheAzn 08-25-13 12:58 AM

Slight chance I guess.

I'm going to make and install a new main grounding wire tomorrow, hopefully it works.

But no clue as to why this issue went away after I installed the alternator and now is back after several months later. May be coincidence.

1JZPWRD 08-25-13 06:54 AM

What is the output in volts while the car is running? Output of volts while not running on battery?

Could be a bad alternator, even though it is new.

Did you tighten the power wire good on top of it? Did you clean the terminals inside it, before putting it back on? Could be some dirt in there, not allowing a good connection. The other thing, is there any lights that comes on while this intermittent problem occurs? Like the dash lights on the cluster, per say?

Also check the ground to the frame. Re clean your battery terminals with a wire brush and put on some terminal grease or lube.

Oh yeah, is your car slammed? If so, did you relocate the harness? if you didn't, then check that in the driver side fender well for chewed up or torn wires.

TheAzn 08-25-13 09:33 AM

Not slammed.

Quick question: if the car can stay running with the battery removed, what is providing ground for the car to keep running?

1JZPWRD 08-25-13 10:02 AM

The alternator is providing the power. This is the old school method in testing if the alternator is putting out enough to keep the car running. If the car is running and you unplug the battery whether ground or positive, and if the alternator is good, the car would stay running. If the car died, when you disconnected one side of the battery, then this told you the alternator was bad. Make sense. People know a days say not to try this due to frying or ruining your ECU. I have tried this and had no harm done. Up to you.

TheAzn 08-25-13 10:16 AM

Not looking to fry the ECU lol

Apparently this issue never got a solid solution from the search I've done.

To answer your dash question, no lights. Everything flickers off then flickers back on, like when you first put the key to on and all the lights are on then goes off after a couple seconds.

1JZPWRD 08-25-13 10:30 AM

I would start checking all the grounds. From frame to alternator to battery terminal to ecu. Check and recheck, wiggle, slight pull, and pull out the test meter. Something isn't right.

Did you do any mods before this strange thing happen, and I mean any?

TheAzn 08-25-13 04:21 PM

No mods, I'm going to check everything inch by inch. I just dont get it.

1JZPWRD 08-25-13 05:44 PM

Sometimes its best to let it go all the way out. Sometimes it is easier to diagnose and troubleshoot.

TheAzn 08-25-13 05:51 PM

I believe that lol My 88 Corolla had an issue where some sharp turns made clicking noises. Axles new, bearings... So I pretty much kept driving it until it screwed up completely. The FWD trans had the differentials in them, the gears were the issue. It locked up while I was driving comin to a complete halt. Then i did an auto to 5spd swap.

I just hope I wont be stuck on the side of the road.

jjffyy 08-25-13 10:33 PM

I had a similar problem to yours too. When ever I would press the brakes or come to a stop my headlights would shut off and so would to radio. I had some new ground wires made and after installing them I haven't had the problem since.

TheAzn 08-26-13 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by jjffyy (Post 8108076)
I had a similar problem to yours too. When ever I would press the brakes or come to a stop my headlights would shut off and so would to radio. I had some new ground wires made and after installing them I haven't had the problem since.

Did you just install the main grounding wires from the battery-chassis and chassis-engine? I don't know where all the groundings are on the SC (at least not yet).

jjffyy 08-26-13 07:56 AM

I had a member here make me a set of wires and used the points from this thread -->

TheAzn 08-26-13 04:03 PM

Just installed some grounding wires today. I had bought a piece of 4ga wire from Crutchfield and some copper ends from pepboys. I only had enough to do battery-chassis, chassis-intake and intake-cyl. head. I'm going to buy more to do the other grounding wires.

So far so good, it's almost sun down so I should probably see an improvement on the electricals when lights are on.

Target right now is to see if the lights dim when I hit the window switches. That worried me a bit. Or when the turn signal flashes, the interior light dimmed as it flash on.

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