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TheAzn 07-21-13 11:27 PM

Anyone Have 97+ Fogs w/ LEDs?
I recently installed my 97+ fogs on my bumper. The only thing I don't like about the H3 bulb is the amount of heat generated from them. The fog light lenses get very hot! I'm thinking about getting the H3 LED bulbs since LEDs run cool.

But does anyone have H3 LED's in their 97+ fogs?

My main concern is the H3 LED not work. I've read complaints on other vehicles that the H3 LEDs do not work because they only draw .8w versus 55w H3 non-LED bulbs, I guess because of the low draw, the system figures a bulb is out so a relay cuts power to the circuit. I know I could run load resistors probably but I want to avoid that. So if that's my only option in order to run LED's for fogs, I'll stick with the searing hot H3 bulbs.

bank 07-22-13 12:15 AM

This sounds promising.

BiGEZ 07-22-13 07:14 AM

The H3 LED would be as bright as the stock Halogen bulb. I have H3 led's in my 96 fogs and did not need any resistors.They are not as bright but they sure do match my 6K HID headlightand running light bulbs nicely. Give it a shot.

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