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RudysSC 07-06-12 04:18 PM

Rudy's '96 SC400 (Pics)
Just thought i'd share some pictures of my SC. I've had this for a few months now, and i can't tell you how much i enjoy this car. Huge change of pace from my pair of K20 swapped civics.

Mods include:
-MKIV Supra Tein S-techs
-MKIV Supra KYB Adjustables
-18" Rota Grids (9.5" wide, +20mm all the way around)
-BFI (mostly done, still need to make a heat shield etc)
-K&N drop in filter
-20% tint
-Borla Axle-back w/ resonators and third cat removed

I was hoping it was going to be lower with the supra suspension set up, but honestly it rides so smooth, and i can get it anywhere. I hope you guys enjoy!

scENFORCER 07-06-12 04:28 PM

Looks good!
Hows the BFI working our for ya?

187 07-06-12 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by scENFORCER (Post 7341489)
Looks good!
Hows the BFI working our for ya?

Also interested in this, how does it sound?

Car looks really clean in white, I always like how those rims looks on the sc's.

RudysSC 07-06-12 04:44 PM

Thanks guys!

So far i love the BFI. Drove it all night last night. I can feel a definite improvement in the midrange, and the sound is subtle, but very noticeable over stock. That sound, coupled with the removed resonators and third cat is just plain killer.

mrdecember 07-06-12 04:52 PM

looks very clean!

SaintLouSC 07-06-12 05:22 PM

:thumbup: Well done. Any plans for it?

anubis8320 07-06-12 05:23 PM

Looks wicked, I like the height with those wheels

Kira X 07-06-12 05:48 PM

The car looks great! The intake looks really cool too.

97-SC300 07-06-12 05:58 PM

Very nice SC there.

RudysSC 07-06-12 09:14 PM

Thanks a ton for the compliments guys. No more plans in the immediate future besides some small things here and there. It's my only car, and it's gotta make it through the winter here in a few months so we'll see!

CalitriSC 07-06-12 09:49 PM

Nice n simple

luvmysc400 07-07-12 12:28 PM

Nice ride that intake looks sweet.

1JZPWRD 07-07-12 12:35 PM

Not a bad start.

RudysSC 07-07-12 01:05 PM

Thanks everybody! I appreciate it!

1sWt2GS 07-07-12 01:09 PM

looks super nice!

whats up with the 2 different license plate tho?

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