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SC300/SC400 New Member Thread! Introduce yourself here!

SC- 1st Gen (1992-2000)

SC300/SC400 New Member Thread! Introduce yourself here!


Old 04-23-18, 02:37 PM
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Hi everyone I finally got an SC300. Have been researching for months, and scouring the internet and locally trying to find a manual SC300. I finally found one and had to make quite the drive but she's mine now. Car had 115k on it, everything is great except for minor things. It has the leaking power steering thing but its not too bad yet, Im gonna go ahead and swap out the pump and alternator and just keep the old ones to rebuild. The previous owner was religous was maintenance and I have all the records and timely maintenance was performed. The previous owner got the entire interior redone with better quality leather, but the same color as original. Its been raining non stop here will post more pics as I go through the car detailing what is wrong, and how I'm fixing it. Look forward to bringing her back up to speed, and then Ill figure out if I want to make power or not, for now though definitely a nice car and a daily driver. I'm freaking stoked to be the owner of a 2j powered lexus SC300!

1992 SC300 Original Manual
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Old 04-27-18, 08:38 AM
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Arrow new project :D

Came from the IS300 from 2004 - 2011 i picked up a Tundra and sold the IS... missed it dearly but wanted a car again to play with so i decided to go with the SC
Old IS300

New SC

Picked up from TN where it had 2 owners, first owner had it from 95-2016 with paper trail of every service for it. then 2016 til now didn't have much on record...

95 SC300 w/ w58
Platinum Silver
Black interior

-Re-supported door panels
-Replaced A/C bleed (Tanin LCD)

(in process)
Tanin Cluster Rebuild
Clutch Master w/ Slave
Diag. (for limp mode) @ WOT

Parts arrived:
Airbag adapter cable
LS400 Calipers
eLine Slotted F+R Rotors
IS300 Manual Steering wheel
Ridies Black leather interior set
Supra TRD Front Strut bar (PTR04-14930-07)

Parts on order:
gixxerdrew coilover setup

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Old 04-30-18, 10:35 AM
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Was looking for a cheap SC to build and found it fairly close to my home. 93 auto w 207K miles. I've been around the forums for a while but never ended up getting a SC. Finally had to get a truck so had to have a toy to play with.

Car will get a complete refresh. Interior, Stereo, Exterior and GTE. Already started gutting it :-)
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Old 05-01-18, 08:48 AM
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Default Good day!

Good day all!
My name is Stanley, I'm from southern Alberta Canada. I purchased a 1993 Sc400 a few months back and I've basically had it sitting dormant during skiing season.
Start with the good: Absolute beast of a car. ****ing Fantastic engine. 280 xxx kilometers.
Transmission is in mint shape.
Mufflers cut right behind the cat. so as you can imagine its quite loud.
18' Blitz rims.

the bad:
Needs new valve cover set.
New timing belt and water pump.
New power steering.
New drivers side door (seems to be a common problem)
New sunroof..(it just exploded one day.. moderate temperature, 60MP/h. just shattered one day.

My goal: This is my second car. thank god for that because after my first i appreciate it all the more. That being said i want this car till the day I die. I'll probably do some upgrading next year, probably a widebody kit, wing, wheel spacers, and of course the engine upgrade.

Cant wait to learn from the gurus!
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Old 05-01-18, 11:16 AM
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Excellent, great to see all the new members!!
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Old 05-01-18, 12:47 PM
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A lot of highway mileage

My bone dry 1993 sc400
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Old 05-01-18, 08:43 PM
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Default 1993 SC400 New guy

Hello all, found a clean SC400 and just couln't say no. Can't believe how nice these things ride. The paint was pretty swirled but a few hours on the buffer cleaned it up nicely. Had a few issues, thermostat was stuck open, no heat and trunck struts are bad. Car was always garaged and has just over 100K on it. Would love to swap out the wheels but for now just planning on driving it.

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Old 05-02-18, 10:28 AM
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Default 1992 Lexus SC400

Hi guys,

My name is Ben, I bought a 1992 Lexus SC400 that has 300,947 kms. (187,000 miles) and everything in the vehicle is stock. I live in Edmonton, AB Canada. I'm a student in College and new to automotive repair and upgrades.

Minor repairs to be done are :
dash lighting, driver seat slide motor, new seat covers, interior reupholster, tablet deck.
body work and paint, new headlights, new front bodykit, wheels and tires

My budget to spend is $8,000 and I want to try and do some of the repairs and upgrades myself. I want a clean looking SC400 and try and use OEM products.


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Old 05-06-18, 11:11 AM
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My name is Tom and this is my brand new 58,125 mile 1993 SC400. Florida car (that somehow made it's way to Mass), two owner. no rust, ALLL the paperwork from every service done at the lexus dealership. absolutely stunning.

Very excited to be part of the community and to have the opportunity to own this legend.

Hope to have her registered and in my driveway by the end of next week.
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Old 05-07-18, 08:53 AM
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Default New to CL

His & hers.

New to CL, but have owned my 1992 Lexus SC400 for 4 years ! Lowering springs, wheels, and a sub that will give you a back massage while driving but otherwise stock (for now!) She was problem free until recently, and I have be chipping away at things. Joined CL to get some thoughts/ideas from fellow Lexus people as I run into problems!
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Old 05-15-18, 05:50 PM
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Default first post.

greetings, my names Ryan, and i have been the owner of a 92 sc400 for about a year now. it has some cosmetic issues, but it's in good overall condition for a 27 year old car with only 92k miles.
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Old 05-17-18, 07:22 AM
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Default Good morning

Hello forum,
My name is Michael and i recently bought a 92 SC400. So far i am very eager to see what this car can do. Happy to be part of this forum.
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Old 05-19-18, 11:37 AM
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Default Been here for a while, finally have (another) SC/JZZ30......LONG READ

Hey Guys,

Checking in here from Chicago area. I've been lurking CL for years. This is my 4th Lexus since moving back to the states from Japan (Navy) in 2012. I had 3 JZZ30s there among other cars,

Pretty simple coilovers, seat, 2way lsd, exhaust

Gutted Chuki tails

Avs Model 5 in bronze 17/18

And Defis

This car replaced the Soarer. Had wanted one since Highschool. JZX100 Cresta, Power FC boost up tune, FMIC, 2way LSD,

This car replaced the Cresta which was totalled. All parts from Cresta, plus all multi link, bracing, sway bars, and knuckles.

When I joined CL I mostly posted/lurked mostly in the GRS190 forums to start, because I had this thing.

Left it stock except for hid fog lights . Had to get rid of it due to recalls. In the year I had it, it was at the dealer and drove loaners more than I drove it. Loved the car, hope to have another one day... just not an 06.

Then while I had the 06, I bought these, with the intention on making 1 good car. Didn't happen.

Put wheels and coilovers on the black car and tried to get it running. Spent a bunch of money on maintnence all for the 260K+ motor to seize on me. Then it went to Touge Factory for a 1JZ and MT swap.

The build got way out of hand budget wise, and due to some financial hardships, had to let the car go. Some of you may have seen it. Its in AZ and it looks beautiful. Kelly Killed it.

freshly rebuilt 1J

The pic above is how he received the car..... and below is what he did with it. It's gorgeous.

After some years of getting my affairs in order, I'm ready to play again. I bought this track only car from a guy up in MN. He may be a member on here. I'm not sure. Pics from for sale thread and when I picked it up.

Already been reading my butt of and have lots of plans which include but are not limited to, body work, interior clean up, paint cage, replace dash/center console. I'Il probably go with those aftermarket door cards. This will remain a drift car of course, but also plan to clean it up and make worth to be cruised around and shown off. Thanks for reading. Hope to see the local SC guys soon.
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Old 05-20-18, 02:52 AM
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Smile Hi!

hi everyone,

Iíve been a member for the past week and been trying to figuerout the navigation on the website and get familiar with it so yeah, now Iím here to say hi... HII! =)

my name is ahmad and live in Moreno Valley, CA.

3 weeks ago, I bought an automatic 98 sc300 fully stock with 270k for the purpose of doing a 2jzgte swap.

The cars body is in great shape and engine was running perfect, never been in an accident , but all suspension bushing and struts are toast which I will be replacing all.

Since this is my first build ever, I did a lot of research for the previous 5 month to see where I want to go with this build. With all the intense research for months, seems like when it came down to it I change my plan about 4 times,lol
i planned on doing most of the work myself so i can study and learn everything thats involved with the 2jz swap and be able to do more swaps after a lot easier.

my goal is high 500s.

What I bought for the swap:

2jzgte out of an aristo (need to figure out what year aristo it came out of for wiring purposes, or if they are all the same)
all tuneup parts for engine---seals,spark plugs, belts etc..
R154+slav+master+line with a pressure sensor+speedo gear &VVS+flywheel
AEM Infinity with almost every add on you can get.
e85 kit
fuel rail +returnline
1000cc injectors
fuel pump
stage 3.5 clutch
1 piece driveshaft (have to report dimensions before i get it)
manual pedal kit

things i need to get or arrange/buy/figure out
oil cooler??
transmission cooler??
traction and transmission wiring and all the good stuff

you can tell the only thing thats buggin me is the wiring, i still dont know what im going to do with it, iv been trying to get specifics on pinouts for my car and the aristo that i got and exactly what i need to change.
i know a guy that completly ditched the 2jzgte harness and used his original harness on his IS without doing anything other then shortning or extending some wires since the sensor are in different location, im praying that i can do the same with my sc but looking at everyone that did a 2jzgte swap into their sc ,, IDK =(

anyways,, so hello to everyone
thats me and thats the mess im in right now

feel free to shoot any thought or advice my way, weather on the swap im doing or this website as im still learning my way around it
Happy to be a part of this community

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Old 05-23-18, 07:59 PM
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Whats up my names Fabian. I'm 22, I have a 95 SC300 ive owned it for about 5 years its taken me about 4 to get it to where it is now i love these cars. its dropped on B29 coils. It has Infinity Refrence speakers in the front with kappas in the rear one 12 Rockford Fosegate power p2 sub in the trunk a Kenwood double din stereo. It has OEM skirts and a aftermarket rear lip idk the exact name of it so my bad for that! The car sits on 18" JNC wheels. I've straight piped the car(still has the catalytic converter) so the exhaust tips look different then the stock ones the car has on the pictures i'm going put on here. I'm looking into doing a 2jz-gte with manuel transmission swap so i'm about to spend a lot of time digging threw **** tons of threads and picking at some of the lexus vets brains lol.

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