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lcnn 10-25-11 01:33 PM

Carbon Fiber and Wood Grain Dip Kits
Just a quick note on some neat items that I found. There was a thread on here from someone looking for a company that did wood grain dipping on interior parts. I recently found this DIY Dip Kit that you can do wood grain, carbon fiber, even camo....

Just thought I would share...

1WILLY1 10-25-11 01:41 PM

I hate it :)

lcnn 10-28-11 09:34 AM


cmh 10-28-11 10:38 AM

the link doesnt even work for

edit: ok it worked after likeeight times of clicking it... its kinda viva la bam-ish... i dunno about the whole pattern thing. closest i got to patter was a bowling ball effect on my other car. kinda looked like granite.

sayayin 10-28-11 03:15 PM

That is some weird stuff, but if stays or adheres good I don't mine trying it.

lcnn 10-31-11 01:18 PM

That gold burlwood color would look sharp on some interior parts...

lcnn 10-30-12 12:50 PM

got a dip kit finally and we are going to try it... went with carbon fiber......

97-SC300 10-30-12 01:29 PM

Wait... so how does it actually work? All I am getting from the video is some guy putting parts in water and they magically come out with a camo pattern. Am I missing something?

Tabaka 10-30-12 01:43 PM

The process is called Hydrographics and it's not easy.

Kalogerus 10-30-12 02:37 PM

I've seen someone coat their center console pieces using this, not worth it.

Kohinoor 10-30-12 03:41 PM

get it professionally done.

SCary400 10-30-12 04:51 PM

Also known as Dip Kits and Water Transfer Printing.

Like all things, practice, take your time, read/watch tutorials, and practice some more. I'd stay away from set patterns like carbon fiber (it's just going to look fake and terrible), but wood grain should be pretty doable. Or just have it professionally done.

An amateur (but well practiced) example:

Pro procedure:

And while I don't know what I'd use it on just yet, these mirror/chrome finishes are pretty cool:

Edit just to show that it isn't as easy as it looks:

scviolence 10-30-12 11:03 PM

Saw tgis stuff used on american choppers...came out pretty damn good.

TweakTech 11-10-12 06:54 PM

I have a friend locally who does this stuff. I'm getting some of my interior trim pieces done by him soon. I"ll post pictures when I do.

roc 11-11-12 05:14 PM

just got a reply with a company in fl about getting my wooden pieces dipped to blackwood

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