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ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:36 AM

Finally, the long awaited reverse Red/Clear tails DIY thread
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I was in search of some over the top custom tails that still take on a stock appearance. These hit my expectations exactly, I love them.

OK, Here it is the complete DIY for making a set of reverse Red/Clear tails. This all started as a simple little project, Zach actually gave me the idea initially. He had been toying with tail insides and outs and thus the idea was born. Lets put 95/96 insides under a 97+ lens. It all sounded like a easy task but it kinda snowballed into a small undertaking.
First lets take a look at the finished product.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:37 AM

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Few more finshed photos then the DIY

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:38 AM

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OK, On with the DIY
First you need two sets of tails to pull this off (not for the faint hearted) taking two sets of preferred tails and sticking them in an oven, FUN! I started with a brand new set of 97 tails and a very nice set of 96ís

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:39 AM

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First carefully remove the rubber seals. Hint, new tails its comes off easy

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:40 AM

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Next into the oven, I didnít take pictures of this since itís done time and time again. I will share my recipe since everyone has their own. Mine is 225į for 7 minutes and then gently pry them apart and reinsert in the oven for 2-3 minute intervals until you get them apart. Once apart, the real fun begins, I put them in and out and in and out and get all the old glue scraped off. I normally would not worry about it but this DIY requires a lot of together and apart check fitting.

Once apart you have to get the infamous key hole plastic off, people say pull hard, I wouldnít, if you break the wrong part they go in the trash. I took a knife and cut around and around to control where the plastic separates.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:41 AM

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Then I started the trial fitting, I knew I was going to use the 97 lens and the 96 insides but not sure of the backing. I messed with this for awhile, to use the 96 backing the 97 lens you have to mod the lens, I almost went this way since the 96 backing matches the inside as far as lighting goes. The other option was to use the 97 backing, to do this you have to modify it the backing, I went this way to assure a good seal. Here is some pictures of the 97 stock backing.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:43 AM

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After a lot of trial fitting I finally figured out what all needs cut on the backing to make the 96 insides fit. Lucky you, all the research is done.
Below are the pics of whatís cut, study them.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:45 AM

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Here is a left and right side by side, cut and uncut

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:46 AM

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Here is the 96 lens, lets start modding it.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:47 AM

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Take it apart carefully

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:48 AM

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Here is the modifications to the lens.
First take a small grinder and remove the nubs in the middle line, this is for a chrome strip I am adding; I almost put a LED strip here but decided to keep it classy.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:49 AM

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Now for the back side, you will really have to sand it almost away at the corner. This is to make it fit in the 97 lens. See before and after pics.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:50 AM

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Now get some red tail light spray and good quality painters tape. I use Vans tail paint, true JDM! Tape off the small reflector, since its read and the edges are orange you need to get rid of the orange. Also tape off the clear portion of the back up light.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:52 AM

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Take your time painting the parts with thin coats until the red matches the stock red lens.

ScottURnot 05-15-11 10:54 AM

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Now take some chrome strip from the local parts store and add it.

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