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KrazeMatik 09-15-07 01:50 PM

DIY Silver/Red Spray tail lights
heres how to silver and red DIY spray tail light

ok first you going to have to remove 4 screws

then remove the tail light carefully and remove the bulbs

this are the stuff you will need to complete the job

then clean the head light with microfiber cloth

make sure you clean the cracks

KrazeMatik 09-15-07 01:51 PM

then use black tape(electrical tape) make sure you line it up with the black rubber between the orange and the red tail light

and also do the upper part

now take some newspaper and masking tape and cover up the red tail light and behind the tail light

KrazeMatik 09-15-07 01:52 PM

onces that is done clean it one more time!

now its time to spray it silver remember ppls spray it a constant speed and DONT LEAVE IT TOOOO LONG it will over spray and bleed, make sure to let it dry and do another coat

first couple coat

more coat

now once it have good even coat on the tail light let it dry be patient now its time for clear coat!

KrazeMatik 09-15-07 01:53 PM

now here is the finish result lmk how you guys like it ill try to take night pictures to see the turn light:woot::woohoo:

Duckness 09-15-07 01:56 PM

looks more white then silver. sorry i just dont like but good diy though.

Pezlo 09-15-07 01:56 PM

wow, thats looks very clean, cant wait to see some night shots, hats off

na4now 09-15-07 02:02 PM

Nice write-up. I dont like them at all, though.

SClean4 09-15-07 02:10 PM

It looks nice. Anything is better than that awful orange. I'd want to see what red tails look like on your car, though; it might blend in more on your red car. I went with red paint on the inside of my '95 tail lights. The orange clashed a little too much with my gold emblems and gold/tan paint, I think. And it's just so much cleaner.

Also, I wonder if they make transparent silver? I'd think it would look more like clears if the paint were transparent.

evileagle 09-15-07 04:10 PM

how well does the light shine through? Also what paint did you use?

iasc300 09-15-07 04:43 PM

looks good but why the silver? It would look better painted a different color
nice DIY though

Classified 09-15-07 04:44 PM

Good write up. They remind me of 91 Prelude tail lights. How does it look illuminated?

TheMole 09-15-07 04:51 PM

I probably wouldn't do this, but good work on the idea and paint. Here is a similar one that another user did which is probably a bit easier to do:

Black_SC 09-15-07 04:58 PM

its different. :thumbup:

like others have said...hows the light output?

habitat 09-15-07 06:58 PM

It's different, I still prefer that red tail light color match paint over silver. but good write up!

100mgbluep 09-15-07 07:31 PM

What kind of body kit is that?

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