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Haya808 12-30-15 02:56 PM

Touch Free Rear Door Issues

I'm new to the forums here. Just purchased a '16 RX350 F-Sport (Caviar w/ Black) and no matter what I do I can't get the rear door to open using the touch free option. I try my best Darth Vader impression but no matter where I put my hand I can't get the door to activate? I read the manual and understand that you are supposed to touch the top part of the badge and then once it beeps, remove your hand...but it never works right. When it does I'm standing there like a fool for a few minutes trying to get it to open.

I was wondering if anyone else is having these problems and if there is some sort of trick to getting it open on the first try?


corradoMR2 12-30-15 03:15 PM

Congrats on your new RX F Sport.

Not sure if there's a setting to enable/disable the handsfree operation, but it's what I check either in your main 12" display or in the center TFT gauge cluster.

ycnibrc 12-30-15 04:34 PM

you need to check the setting on your dash board and make sure the pbd is set to all on. And don't wave at the lexus badge hold your hand over it for 30 sec.

Mdme 12-30-15 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by ycnibrc (Post 9304636)
you need to check the setting on your dash board and make sure the pbd is set to all on. And don't wave at the lexus badge hold your hand over it for 30 sec.

30 sec! Whoa

winsalem 12-30-15 09:19 PM

I solved this mystery on my '16 RX350, and shared it with my Lexus salesman who could never get it to work for him either:

With the key fob in my pocket, if I stand dead center in front of the :circlel emblem and hold my hand steady about 1 or 2 inches in front of it, the door beeps and opens every time. I'd estimate 4 or 5 seconds does the trick...certainly no longer than that.

It's all about the body position...if I try to stand to either side of the emblem, nada.

This is what works for me. As with everything vehicular, your mileage may vary.

Cheers guys, hope you're enjoying your RX as much as I'm lovin' mine. Best RX I've ever owned.

Haya808 12-31-15 01:16 AM

winsalem! That was an excellent solve!! Did what you explained and it worked perfectly the first time and a few additional times to make sure. The key is to hold your hand in place for at least 4-5 secs. I don't think it works when you are moving your hand around, it needs to be held in place!

Thanks bro! Much Mahalo's!

RXOwner 12-31-15 02:21 AM

Agree with the others and you got to hold you hand still for a good 5 seconds regardless of body position and my hatch opens every time.

corradoMR2 12-31-15 04:47 AM

Haven't tried it personally, but I saw videos where you can simply place your arm or elbow for a couple of seconds. Placing your hand would defeat the purpose since it would require a free hand in which case one can simply press the hatch button and more easily be done with it...

RXOwner 12-31-15 04:54 AM

I think any body part will work if held in place for the time required to activate.

joe311 12-31-15 02:36 PM

i was so disappointed with how the touch free rear door works. 3-5 seconds standing there with my hand / elbow is too long. bad design. Should've made it like a tap or something to make it much quicker. I hardly ever use the touch free since by the time holding my hand or elbow there that long, i'd give up and drop everything and push the button.

kenforum 12-31-15 03:12 PM

For me, it always takes no more than two seconds to activate the opening. I was told that you have to put the hand over the upper half portion of the emblem in order for it to work, properly, I guess.

coolsaber 12-31-15 06:00 PM

Funny Story, I went on my test drive and I knew about the touch free door and how it operates. However my CA decided to put on a show and showcase the next big thing since the wheel. Mind you its raining slightly, and while he states how stupid the competitors kick opening system is, while he waves his hand, puts his hand on the emblem, nothing happens. He gives up and just then, the sensor recognizes the command and opens the gate.

After that demo, I realized I might pass on the option. It seems to be in need of a couple of revisions

SoKali-RX 12-31-15 07:58 PM

There's a sensitivity setting in the Vehicle Customization section where you can dial up the sensitivity. Mine is at normal and opens every time within 2 seconds, hand or elbow, regardless of body position. Try turning up the sensitivity to see if that helps.

Samour 12-31-15 08:19 PM

I think it needs the car to be locked to be operable.:sad:

RXOwner 01-01-16 03:49 AM

Originally Posted by Samour (Post 9305978)
I think it needs the car to be locked to be operable.:sad:

I believe you are correct.

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