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qktnpfhs 11-03-15 03:43 PM

Pics of your 4RX Right NOW!
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My RX F-sport model in got here today!:woot:
I just received a photo and videos from the dealer.
He said "Your car is the first one in Utah!" :D
Unfortunately, I will be busy until Thursday night so I will pick it up on Friday morning :)

sc400 11-03-15 03:45 PM

Very nice! please post pictures after you received it.

qktnpfhs 11-03-15 03:54 PM

Originally Posted by sc400 (Post 9239940)
Very nice! please post pictures after you received it.

Ok! I will post more pics after I received it :)

jwigley 11-03-15 04:08 PM

Stoked for you and somewhat jealous as I've decided to hold off on buying anything new until September of 2016.

JT4 11-03-15 05:10 PM

Congrats, what color interior did you get??

qktnpfhs 11-03-15 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by JT4 (Post 9240108)
Congrats, what color interior did you get??

I picked rioja red for interior color 😊

twong82 11-03-15 11:05 PM

Congrats! What options did you get? Are those the triple LED headlamps?

qktnpfhs 11-04-15 12:36 AM

Originally Posted by twong82 (Post 9240466)
Congrats! What options did you get? Are those the triple LED headlamps?

Yes, those are Triple LED headlamps and I added these options:

-12.3 Navigation System/Mark Gevinson 15-Speaker Premium Audio Package $3260

-Blind Spot Monitor w/Rear-Cross Traffic Alert & Panoramic View Monitor $1300

-Color Head-up Display $600

-F Sport Heated Steering Wheel $200

-Intuitive Parking Assist $500

-Lexus Safety System+ w/Triple Beam LED Headlamps $2250

-Panoramic Moonroof $1600

- Touch-Free Power Rear Door $200

Total Optional Equipment $9910 :)

JT4 11-04-15 04:55 AM

Originally Posted by qktnpfhs (Post 9240130)
I picked rioja red for interior color 😊

White with Red = Awesome... That may very well be my wife's next RX.. Please post some pics when you can..

AL13NV8D3R 11-04-15 06:22 AM

Congrats on your new car! This is indeed the most exciting moment in Lexus history. I have never been so excited for the new cars lexus is putting out ever before. First the RCF, then the LX570, and now the all new RX350 Fsport! Cant wait to see the New GSF!

PDF84 11-04-15 08:08 AM

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I was dropping off my GS today at Park Place Plano for service today and snapped a few pics of the three 2016's they had out back. IMO the 2016 looks fantastic and even better in person. I see an upgrade for my wife in the near future.

PDF84 11-04-15 08:13 AM

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and a few more. This one was a pretty base model and MSRP with the few options it has was $43,XXX. The black one in my previous post above was $51,185 and it had premium package, and a few other options like the 20" wheels, intutive parking assist, espresso walnut wood trim and heated steering wheel etc.

jwigley 11-04-15 09:47 AM

Damn, I'm drooling over these pics. Such a great looking vehicle. The grill isn't my favorite but it's not that I don't like the aggressive bulldozer shape/style, I just think they need to tweak what the grill actually is, looks kinda plastic. If there is an aftermarket grill comes out that looks chrome, that may be the ticket for me.

Nando1 11-04-15 12:30 PM

Dropped off my gf's ride for service and saw this in the showroom.

Really nice inside and out. I was considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT but wow this thing is nice. Wish they had an F-Sport but they said it'd be another month before they get one :(

Bearcat 11-04-15 12:34 PM

Nice. Even HUD on that one.

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