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DriverDad 06-20-13 09:58 AM

How do I know if my car has the Mark Levinson sound system?
I purchased a 2007 RX 250 late last year, and I was curious how I can tell if my car has the Mark Levinson sound system or not?


katzjamr 06-20-13 10:26 AM

my 2006 has a mark levinson logo near the cd player on the dash. the mark levinson name is owned by a major stereo manufacturer, I want to say pioneer, and it is good, however not the mark levinson fine audio he was known for at the start.

Gordonrx 06-20-13 12:48 PM

My 05 also shows the Mark Levinson logo to the right of the cd slot. I haven't heard the other stereos and don't know if it sounds any different.

mandyfig 06-20-13 01:18 PM

Mark Levinson system, as I was just researching Audio wiring, has a woofer installed in t=he front dash. The Service Manual shows it. I may be able to post a picture.

Gordonrx 06-20-13 02:07 PM

Woofer in the front dash? Is it the grille that's front and center on top of the Navi screen?

Rainbird 06-20-13 02:45 PM

2007 RX350 Mark Levinson System here:

draco 06-23-13 07:30 AM

Mine is marked with the Mark Levinson logo on the unit itself.

JoeInHNL 06-23-13 11:15 AM

BTW the speaker in the center of the dash on the ML stereo is a squawker not a woofer. The woofers are in the front doors on both version of the sound system.

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