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Carver 03-14-11 12:03 PM

Put the chrome wheels from the 300 on today...
...and the TPMS light came on! I don't even know how that works! This is the first time in years I've had to read a manual. :D

willdogg 03-14-11 07:14 PM

New life for your 300 chromies! They look great on the 330.:thumbup:

mandyfig 03-14-11 08:27 PM

Love the chromies!

mandyfig 03-14-11 08:28 PM

Did you resolve the TPMS light?

Carver 03-14-11 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by mandyfig (Post 6224050)
Did you resolve the TPMS light?

It resolved itself. Turns out when you get new tires it goes off and there is a procedure to adjust your new tires to the TPMS system. There's a button under the steering column you press after making sure the tire pressure is correct and then drive around for a while and the system adjusts to the pressure you selected.

01LEXPL 03-17-11 09:10 AM

where did you get those wheels again? I want some 18s OEM for my ES300.

The white 330 looks good!

Carver 03-17-11 10:40 AM

It's your lucky day...

01LEXPL 03-18-11 10:04 AM

^^ awwww damn. Thanks dude!

...but the guy won't ship them to canada. Once again, a USA only deal. :(

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