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garynkim 04-27-10 10:44 PM

how to tell if you have a 2007 lexus rx 350 Mark Levinson
hey guys, im new to this fourm. i just put a deposit on a 07 rx350 it has everything on it. i think upgraded 18 chrome rims,tow hitch, rear dvd player, acc. dash wood trim, heated seats i guess its fully loaded not sure tho. i does anyone have pics of a Mark Levinson sys. or would there be some kind of loco of it. thanks

Poisson 04-28-10 03:02 AM

G'day Gary - sounds like a nice vehicle! The Mark Levinson system has a logo just above the CD slot (next to the Lexus logo).

dentate 04-28-10 11:50 AM

The easiest way to tell if your RX has Mark Levinson is that Levinson has an extra speaker and grille just above the navigation / hvac display on the top of the dash at the centre.

Oshawa, ON

geko29 04-28-10 03:46 PM

The Mark Levinson also has "DVD Audio/Video", "Dolby Digital", and "MP3/WMA" logos on the head unit

FuGSOwner 04-29-10 07:10 PM

There's not alot of RX350 with ML. Is the ML over rated or not?

I am looking for a RX350 with ML and it's so hard to find it.

chmod 04-30-10 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by FuGSOwner (Post 5446784)
There's not alot of RX350 with ML. Is the ML over rated or not?

Hello. Here's a shot of the edge of the ML system.

All I can add is what I have determined with our 2007 RX400H - I do not think the core interior acoustic differences between the 400H and the 350 are too great. Yes, in motion at lower speed the H can be more quiet. Let's limit this to freeway speeds for example.

I qualify this reply: it all depends what you expect to hear; what you've used before; what you consider good - all very subjective issues.

My take good - the head unit is pretty good, seems to have excellent resistance to skipping; plays most any format. The presence of a center channel is great, really cleans up the ping-pong effect you can experience if you lack it. The interface is OK to average. Not hard to use, but seems a few years behind the bleeding edge curve in terms of information display. Font size is large, etc.

My take not so good - expensive. Lacks bass or a dedicated sub, so you must over-drive the door speakers which muddies the sound to a degree. Has no AUX interface, or any interface of any kind to jack in other devices. Satellite interface in place, must be dealer added (I have not opted for this).

Overall - I don't recall seeing anything on the lot without the ML option when we shopped the the 400H. So I never have heard the stock set up. I am not impressed with the ML on our car, for what it cost. My basis of comparison for factory-only systems is the Volvo XC-90 we returned off lease and got the Lexus. The XC-90 stereo was 100% better to our ears. The Volvo was not nearly as efficient, but we're talking stereo here not cars!

So I have no specific massive criticism, and it does everything it is supposed to do. But what it lacks is low end without killing mid range, useful inputs for a contemporary user, and a display that provides a much easier to read font/size. And it cost too much given the above. I do not recommend it for the 2007 400H.

These are my subjective opinions.


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