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isharko 06-06-14 10:19 AM

A/C not working and A/C light is blinking
Hi All
I am having an issue with my A/C
I have got new compressor, new condenser, it is full of freon.
It looks like a compressor engages for 1-2 seconds and stops
I was told it is an electirical issue and that I might have to replace the panel where the a/c button is
Did anybody encounter anything similar?

also when I run a test on my dashboard screen it returns
code 42 ...............Air Inlet Door Servomotor Circuit

I got rx300
yr2000 all wheel drive

thank you

jimsRX300 06-06-14 10:29 AM

Do a search on here for blend door servo. That's probably your problem.

Did u evacuate the system? Check for leaks? HF sells manifold gauges & vacuum pump.

If you did the work yourself, new o-rings too?

Add the appropriate amount of PAG oil?

After a 30 min evacuation I let it suck a bottle of r134a. Thats enough to trip the low side switch and engage the compressor.

Make sure the new condenser has the drier element?

isharko 06-06-14 01:49 PM

Thank you for your reply

I did not do the work myself
I don't think I can do myself what you have advised

in the mechanic shop they changed the compressor,condenser and also put stuff in the system to seal the small leaks but could not fix it. that was it.

jimsRX300 06-06-14 05:08 PM

Seeing as how your AC system is professionally serviced I would investigate the Blend Door Service / Repair.

From what I read, it's age related wear nothing more. Swap out the servo box with new. Should be good to go.

lacroix 06-06-14 09:57 PM

relay ,, blinking always been the relay for me

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