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FStock 11-06-13 07:10 PM

Lexus IS F Auto Cross Team
I need your help. I set a goal for myself just over a year ago to race in a national auto cross event in 2014. I started auto crossing my Lexus IS F at the end of 2012. What I want to do is put together a Lexus team and race next year at the SCCA nationals. The IS F runs in the F Stock class and its competitors are Mustang GT’s and M3’s. Next year F Stock will have to run street tires and I believe the IS F can dominate the class. So my goal has expanded. Now I want to put together a team of four men and two to four woman and go to National and win the title for the Lexus IS F in its last year of production. I want to do want Ford did at Le Man in 1968 when the GT-40 finished first, second and third.
Here is how you can help me. We will need help from Lexus to pull this off. If any of you reading this know of any person that could help us with in the Lexus origination could you send me their contact information. If someone from Lexus is reading this please contact me. What we need help with is:
1. Tires – We need the results from the tire tests that Lexus and the tire manufacture ran. We need to know which the best tire was for the IS F in their testing and what were the tire pressures.
2. 2008 & 2009 IS F – I own a 2008 IS F and the lack of a Torsen differential puts the car at a disadvantage and there is no way that the 2008 & 2009 can be competitive in F Stock. The later model will dominate the class. Here is what I need:
A. Stock – The only changes that can be done to the car is the sway bars can be added or changed. Any dealer option that was offered 2008 and is in the service manual can be installed on the car. If the Torsen was offered or listed in the service manual it can be installed. Was the Torsen differential offered in 2008?
B. 2010 to 2013 IS F – If the Torsen was not offered in 2008 I would like to trade my 2008 for a later model with a Torsen. This one of the reason I need a contact within the Lexus Company is to facilitate a trade for one of their late model lease returns.
3. Lexus IS F Racing Team Wish List – If I were to put together the team this is what I would need from Lexus:
A. Trade cars with me. Once that was done I would recruit two drivers to race the car with me. One man that would compete with me and one female to race in the ladies class.
B. We will need a couple of sets of tires for practice and racing.
C. If we cannot recruit a second IS F owner that is willing to share their car and go to the National events we will need a loaner car from Lexus.
D. We will need help from Lexus’s PR department to document the journey for their advertising.
Thank you for reading my post and if you know anyone that can help please pass on their contact information.
Steven Smith – FStock
PS – If in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to auto cross send me an email and we can meet at an auto cross. If you have never auto crossed I can meet you at your first event, give you a ride in my car and explain everything you need to know. Try it I you will love it.

FIGS 12-09-13 11:57 AM

2.A. it was not offered so you need a 2010+

You likely need more than you think as its taken a lot to get Lexus' attention. You can hit us up for some info.

An2ny 02-21-14 02:43 PM

No disrespect but, is this a joke? :confused: :confused:

meteoro 03-15-14 08:04 PM

how is your endeavor going?

How are you doing on your local events?

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