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JeffTsai 03-16-07 01:43 AM

Turbo Build Diary
Mar 14, 2007: I started installation today.

- Install turbo manifold
- Mount the turbo on manifold
- Rerouted heater core tubing
- Drained engine oil
- Ran the oil feed line
- Mounted the downpipe
- Wiped down engine bay
- A bunch of test fitting and measuring

I will be drilling the oil pan and fabricating some intercooler piping tomorrow. I'll keep up with the pix. I'm aiming for my project to be completed by this Saturday so I'll be ready in time for the Sunday Clublexus meet here in the Dallas area.

On with the Pix!
Basically stock under there
Stock intake removed
Bumper removed
Picture with the bumper out of the way
Jack up the car
Jacked up the car from the crossmember. This is where you're supposed to jack the car up from when you're servicing it. Close up pic for those of you that don't know where it is.

JeffTsai 03-16-07 01:44 AM
Two jackstands + two jacks on either side. Extra support. I like to be extra careful especially when I'm gonna be working under the car
Bottom cover removed
Pic of the lower oil pan
Draining oil
Exhaust removed. 3 bolts
Removed bolts from stock header

GSteg 03-16-07 01:45 AM

guh. i hate how the crossmember is so far back. I have to drive my car on wooden blocks to even let the jack underneath. One of these days i'm going to invest in an AC Jack :D

I can't wait to see the finishing project!

JeffTsai 03-16-07 01:46 AM
Stock header removed
Shot of the side of the engine with no header
Turbo manifold mounted
Turbo mounted
This is the pipe that has to be routed out of the way
I have a lotta manifolds :p

JeffTsai 03-16-07 01:47 AM
Tap into oil feed line from here. Basically remove the stock oil pressure switch(sensor) and install it into a T fitting so it feeds oil to the turbo.
Pieces of the fitting kit
Assembled. The exposed hole is where the oil line for the turbo will go.
Mounted back onto the union bolt
Showing where the oil line comes up from
End result from todays work. More progress to come tomorrow!

qlex56 03-16-07 02:20 AM

what size is your innercooler? is it 12x24x3"
i think i have the same turbo as you. xs power?

qlex56 03-16-07 02:32 AM

just curious are those 2 mandifolds the same? if not which mandifold are you useing, the xs or the other

milky 03-16-07 02:39 AM

Howd you get the jack under your car?

Did you jack up one or both of the sides first, then stick the other jack all the way to get to the crossmember?

sleeper408 03-16-07 02:51 AM

Milky: What I do is drive my car on two pieces of wood first. That elevates the car high enough to slide the jack all the way down to the crossmember.

Jeff: Everything looks good so far. What I hated about installing my custom turbo set up on my Mustang was tapping next to the oil filter for the oil feed line and tapping into the oil pan for the oil drain. The metal on the oil pan was so thin there was little room for error.

aloha08isf 03-16-07 03:42 AM

looking good soo far...keep up the good work!

JeffTsai 03-16-07 03:53 AM

Originally Posted by lexmada (Post 2486323)
what size is your innercooler? is it 12x24x3"
i think i have the same turbo as you. xs power?

The two manifolds are exactly the same. I got a spare in case one cracks or something lol...not to mention I got the extra one for dirt cheap. As for the turbo it's a Turbonetics 62-1 turbo. I didn't go cheap on any of the critical parts (turbo, wastegate, bov). I only went a little cheap on the manifold and intercooler :p (both made by XSPower). gYWKR

Coco-bun 03-16-07 03:55 AM

wow, awesome write up!
thanks for sharing :) .

corkycal 03-16-07 06:32 AM

looking forward to the end results. nice step-by-step pics. how much HP are you expecting to get?

plex 03-16-07 06:33 AM


AgentEzzard 03-16-07 06:34 AM

Nice write up. I would have picked another turbo besides a Turbonetics unit though.

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