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DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 07:58 AM

DIY: Installing a Spin Turb Knob
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For you guys that are into the drift scene or would just like to have a cool looking E-Brake button this might be just for you.

To remove the stock one you would need to spin it Counter clock wise (facing the back of the car) it should just come right off after couple seconds. The stock spring would not be necessary so that would need to come off too.

DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 08:14 AM

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This is what will be taking it's place, it's originally for an AE86 from Techno Toy Tuning. It will work just fine.

DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 08:15 AM

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Once the stock one it's off this is what it will look like.

DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 08:18 AM

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Fit the new one right in and spin it Clockwise until it's all nice and tight. This just takes like 2 minutes BTW. ;)

DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 08:22 AM

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This is what my interior looks like, about to drop the Auto trans to begin my 5sp swap :)

DriftSCZ30 05-17-14 08:23 AM

Link to show y'all how it works. :D

Candela 05-17-14 09:22 AM

awesome!!!! this is even easier to do than on an s chassis. I've been wanting to do this for a while thanks

mecheng10 05-20-14 05:47 AM

hahaha wow.
its that simple?
Thought there would be more to it than a plastic piece and spring.

lilSCsteve 05-26-14 08:32 AM

Simple, but easy! I like it, thanks for sharing!


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