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2TurboZ 05-22-13 11:17 PM

W58 Clutch and Flywheel
I searched but didnt seem to find much....

I have an 80k W58 5spd in my car. my rear main and trans. seals have sprung leaks so I have to drop the trans to fix them.

While in there, I am going to upgrade my clutch and flywheel.

Car will be NA for the next few months until I can get a turbo kit installed. So I would like something that will work for both applications.

I have mild power goals going MOST 400whp so I can keep the W58 alive for a little while haha.

Car will never be drag raced or drifted. Maybe a few highway pulls but likely never launched too hard.


KahnBB6 05-23-13 01:10 AM

The W58 lasting under boost really depends on how it is driven but once you add boost you'll definitely stress it beyond what it was designed to reliably hold. Instead of 400whp, try 300whp. Really it's torque you should be more concerned about so keep in mind the W58's design wasn't even intended for even as much torque as a *stock* 2JZGTE engine (about 310ft-lbs crank). It's also the immediacy of the torque a turbo has.

I have an ACT-HDSS clutch in mine which is nice and built for 278ft-lbs max. That's good for stock 1JZ power. You could try the ACT-XTSS for more holding power but it's going to be a matter of time with a W58 even with only 80k miles.

For flywheels, I'd honestly leave it stock if you have no turbo unless you live in very flat country.

JahKno 05-23-13 05:09 AM

Is the w58 transmission really that weak?

HiPSI 05-23-13 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by JahKno (Post 7953802)
Is the w58 transmission really that weak?

It's pushing a 3600lb+ car as well. The consensus seems that it's not "if", but "when" it gives out is the question that everyone has a difference answer to due to experiences.

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