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SupraDremr 01-26-13 08:37 PM

1992 5 Factory 5 Speed SC 1jzgte conversion HELP PLEASE!!!
Hello all!

I have a 1992 Sc300 factory 5 speed that currently still has the factory 2jzge motor in it. I have had nothing but issues with the motor and the head gasket has blown for the third time on it and due to more issues than need to be explained I am going to go with a swap.

Googling and also searching on hear it seems that the 1jzgte is a pretty popular choice and cheaper than the 2jzgte. ( Which is I am sure why it is popular). Anyhoo, I want to order my engine, harness and ecu and whatever I may need to mate a 1jzgte soarer or chaser to my sc300 and w58 tranny.

I am sure this has probably been done before so even if helping me is just simply providing a link to another thread with the info I surely would appreciate the jump start in this adventure and project. I am very excited but I want to know what I need and get it all at once if ya know what I mean. Let me know if I need to provide any more info than I have.


rcchris7 01-27-13 06:34 AM

I'm not sure if anyones done this swap before.. . Lol Check out 1jzpwrd thread it was very detailed

1JZPWRD 01-27-13 07:50 AM

Here you go.....

Click the link in my signature.

1JZPWRD 01-27-13 07:51 AM

Originally Posted by rcchris7 (Post 7728362)
I'm not sure if anyones done this swap before.. . Lol Check out 1jzpwrd thread it was very detailed

Thanks for contributing to my thread :thumbup:

SupraDremr 01-28-13 07:28 PM

Thanks guys,

I will try and be a bit more specific with my questions.

I am wondering what 1jzgte I need to get.... I see that there are chaser 1jz's and they are a lot cheaper than a 1jz for a supra and even higher for ones labeled for a soarer. From what I have gathered from my research I want one of the labeled for a supra or soarer correct? Also would both a non vvti and a vvti motor work in my 1992 sc300??? Is one better than the other???

And onto my next question, Will my current W58 5 speed tranny that I have in my sc300 right now bolt right up to a 1jzgte? Or will I need something to make it work? Would the motor being vvti or non vvti change the compatability of this?

And lastly, if I buy a motor with a ecu and harness how much modification is need to my cars harness to hook it up to the soarer/supra ecu?

I appreciate the help guys.... I really have been reading a lot of threads and trying to answer the questions myself but I am having a hard time finding a thread or what not with my situation or explaining the differences between the 1jz's and what ones are compatable with what trannys and what year sc300's etc.

I finally have permission to use tax return money to buy a motor for my car but I want to spend the money wisely and get what I need the first go round. I really do appreciate the help guys!

1JZPWRD 01-28-13 07:35 PM

For the 1jz motor try and get the Soarer version, much easier for the wiring department. Both the non vvti and the vvti will work in your car. The non vvti is better in my book, and more of them, but the vvti produces a tad bit more power while using the stock twins.

Your current W58 will mate to the JZ motor. You need nothing to make it work, direct bolt and go.

For the harness, you can extend it up to 18 inches yourself or send it to the Accountx2 on here or Dr. Tweek, which he charges around 900 with about a 2 week turnaround time. I will just use Apexi II piggyback if you get a working ECU with your purchase, if not then save up and get a AEM V2 from DM. Thats what I did. Complete control of the motor!

1JZPWRD 01-28-13 07:37 PM

The W58 will only hold aorund 400ish for power. Anything further and eventually you will be pulling the tranny out and updating to the R154 or V160. I will just get a great clutch maybe ACT, which is what I have and have your flywheel resurfaced, just for piece of mind. Also get a new pilot bearing installed with fresh tranny and clutch fluid.

1JZPWRD 01-28-13 07:39 PM

My link in the signature can help a bit on the mods and which route you want to go with in the future. Sounds like you are on a budget. Goo dluck with your choice and your build. For the sake of the community, please take like a 1000000 pictures....LOL

joeazy187 01-28-13 08:02 PM

1jz out of a soarer would be easier as far as wiring.

SupraDremr 01-31-13 09:05 PM

Wow! Thats great guys! Yes I am on a budget... I just did my head gasket on my current 2jz and had most everything needed to do a Na/t build but for some reason or another it blew again! I had the heads re surfaced 4 mils past specifications and therefore to re do ky head gasket against I would need new heads and I also do not know the cause for why it blew so quickly again So I am just gonna do a swap. I have also since the latest blown hg have sold most of my na-t components. I have to admit though initially I kinda was hoping and thought I was going to be able to just get a 999.99 1jz off ebay 1199.99 with harness and Ecu and take ky 2jz out and put the 1jz in, and voila! Turbo but now after reading and researching more and reading your posts here I am learning I will most likely be in my motor harness and ecu alone for 2000 or more...??? Which I can tell you right now is gonna upset the misses. Lol guess I need to find a good place with a decent price on a soarer 1jz. I am in Washington state near Seattle. Any help in finding a motornis appreciated... what is a fair price on a soarer 1jz btw?

1JZPWRD 01-31-13 09:09 PM

Fair price with just the motor and harness with ecu around 1k. With the auto tranny around 1300 is the going rate.

SupraDremr 01-31-13 09:15 PM

Really that low? On a soarer 1jz or the chaser? Any links? Most soarer versions I have found have been in the 2000 -2500 range and all seem to come with an auto tranny....I just need the engine harness and ecu pretty sure at least ..1000 is totally doable...I know I definitely do not need the auto tranny lol.
And as far as my cars w58 only being able to hold 400 ish is cool with me. It is just my daily driver afterall. Sure will be nice to have woke turbo's though.

SupraDremr 02-01-13 07:29 AM

Any sites you guys could recommend? I have googled my ass off and found a few sites with some rear sump soarer engines...for between 1195-1495...All have had cut ecu wires though...Is that normal? Is there a certain engine code I should look for? I see that there are different codes like JZZa70 or jzza30 or something to that tune...Does one code or another for sure tell me that it is a soarer 1jz?

Also, do I need a M/T ecu? Or will I be able to make a a/t ecu work with my w58 tranny?

SFrymyah 02-01-13 08:23 AM

I purchased my motor/trans set from Great customer service.

A sure fire way to verify a Soarer motor is if it has a rear sump oil pan and a fan clutch. If you need help with your wiring harness extension, send me a PM! It is worth the extra wait time to find a soarer motor over the supra or chaser

SupraDremr 02-01-13 10:15 AM

I am having one hell pof a time finding one... 1jzgte Soarer motors are seeming to be a hard find...Anyone know of where I can find a 1jzgte Soarer engine,harness and ecu (ecu compatable with my 5 speed sc300 w58 tranny)??????? I seriously am having troubles here finding one. Even when I think I might have found one the ad says supra soarer chaser.....which one is it dammit!!!! lol Seriously though any help would be appreciated!


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