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93 SC300 AC/Heater control not working

Old 05-01-12, 01:39 PM
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I had the same problem several times. A coin ends up at the bottom of the cigarette lighter and of course it shorts out and blows the 15A fuse. What a stupid design! I'd think Lexus engineers could do better.
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Old 06-13-12, 05:33 PM
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Ya I found a penny lodged into my cig lighter never thought that could cause my climate ctrl not to work....but replaced the 15a fuse and it works...thanks for the info
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Old 07-10-12, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by food7373 View Post
So another update on the problem I have been describing. I replaced my unit with a new unit, and it did not fix it. So anyone with my problem, do NOT buy a new unit! I'm still continuing to research this and will post about it when I figure it out!
Having the same thing happening to me. Been debating on taking it to the dealership. Any luck so far?
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Old 12-19-12, 10:01 PM
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thank you clublexus <3 heater stopped working randomly suspected it was a fuse but friend said i had to replace the whole unit came on here and it seemed a lot of people were dropping coins in the socket sure enough i looked and a penny was lodged in there switched out my 15 amp fuse and the heater started working again. thanks guys!
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Old 02-19-13, 01:17 AM
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Club Lexus i need help. Im stuck! My climate control doesnt work so i replaced the #11 fuse like everyone else who had this problem! But it still didnt fix My problem!! So i plugged in a charger in the cigarette lighter outlet and it works and charges my phone just find. So i figure , okay maybe its my climate control. I go ahead and buy one of a member on here and slap it on and still doesn't work. No light or anything. At least the one that i had on before would light up. Im stuck.... What else can i do or check? I bought the car like this and till this point i cant figure it out.
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Old 07-15-13, 12:09 PM
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similar problem with my '93 sc300, i have all the display lights for the button lit up around the AC display but the display itself will not turn on or do anything really.
just bought this car about a week ago so not sure what "repairs" have taken place, i checked the fuse box on the driver side and if im looking in the correct place it seemed to have no fuses in it at the moment. can anyone confirm what the fuse box looks like? mine seems to be a small grey colored circular unit
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Old 07-28-13, 03:43 PM
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Same issue here. Started the car yesterday and the climate control was blank. Pushed some buttons and it started working.

Then later, turned the car off and it wouldn't work when I started it again. Same today. Totally intermittent.

Checked the cig fuse, it was good but replaced it anyway with no results. I haven't checked the other 2 that were mentioned earlier.

Hopefully someone finds the issue. I'll update if I find anything. If anyone has any idea which wire supplies power to the unit I suppose I could just jump power up there, but no idea which wire that might be.
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Old 10-23-14, 01:44 PM
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I have the same issue a lot of people have, I know its an old thread, but winter 2014 is around the corner....My lighter works perfectly, no problems at all, tried running the climate control with the lighter unplugged and still wont work, I checked all fuses and made sure they are the right amp, nothing...you ccan feel light air coming from the vents, and buttons light up, all of them besides <mode> AC and the screen.
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Old 11-16-14, 06:01 PM
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Similar issue, was working fine then poof nothing lights up.

Fuses are all good and even replaced with good ones just in case one of them had a disconnect that couldn't be seen.

Panel lights up the clock but none of the functions work.

No coin in the cig lighter.
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Old 03-07-15, 12:10 PM
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Post Air condition issue

Could anyone help diagnose what door keeps falling? I'm sure it has to do with a vaccum probelm. Once that has been soved then i can move to see which hoses to look at.

my guess a hose has rotted somewhere in the AC control box causing a leak and a door falls shut into heater mode.

Brand new AC dash control unit
Has Freon
Compressor works - clutch kicks on and off accordingly
Ac dryer is kind of iffy condition wise - it has been replaced once, could be bad again.
Ac has worked before

when the fan is on and I accelerate no doors falls
when the AC is on and I accelerate the door will fall and shut off, switching to heat sometimes just fan.
Stuck on high setting

Thanks for your time in advance.
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Hey Greensclex, I just solved this problem in my 92 SC400...it turns out that when I installed an aftermarket CIG socket...I pressed down a little too hard when inserted my phone charger which cause a short circuit.

I had the same symptoms, the AC would work in park but as soon as you pressed down on the shifter power would be lost to the climate control and CIG.

I checked the fuse and I didn't inspect it close enough but it turns out that the fuse was "half blown" meaning the fusible link was hanging on by a thread. I supposed there was a enough material for the fuse to work in park? But anyway, after I replaced the fuse with a quality fuse everything went back to normal.

tl;dr Seriously inspect your fuses/relays and make sure they are 100% operational
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Old 11-16-16, 09:22 PM
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I just wanted to bring this thread back to life. This thread saved me hundreds of dollars. I almost take the car to the car electrician to check it out. Suddenly, my climate controller did work. I lost all the light on my radio and and the LCD display only had the back light. After search and found this thread, I went to the car and replaced the cigarette fuse. Everything came back normal. Who would thought the cigarette lighter shares the same fuse with the Climate Control.
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