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MiFu 06-18-14 11:26 AM

Non-Navi NX
Will the NX have an option for a non-navi based interior? From all the pictures I have seen, the NX are all equipped with the Remote Touch Pad.

Is the remote touch only for the navi-equipped models oris it going to be used for the non-navi interiors? The IS, RX,and ES....the non-navi has a rotary dial instead of the mouse pad. I haven't seen a picture of a non-navi NX with such dial.

Any info ???

corradoMR2 06-20-14 09:14 PM

No info yet on non-Nav NX's. My guess would be as a "worst-case", something with a round knob like in the IS "Display Audio Controller"

Best-case, the same touchpad as with the Nav-equipped models will be used, "Remote Touch Interface"

spwolf 06-21-14 05:14 PM

looking at european specs, with limited info we have:
1. Base car in Europe doesnt seem to have 8" screen as 8" screen is an option for 2nd level of equipment. So what exactly is there? 7" screen? No screen? We dont know yet.
2. Remote touch is listed only on top spec... rest of them seem to have controler like in rest of Lexus lineup (latest on CT200h got good reviews). It is also quite possible that if you get premium navi at any level that you will get remote touch.

corradoMR2 06-21-14 08:07 PM

^^^yeah the screen size info is unclear, but I'm pretty sure the base 7" display in the NX will have a similar system like the base IS from a graphics standpoint. I also expect the input controller to be a round dial in the place of the RTI pad and I would guess a hand rest would be present similar to the CT's (or what we see in the NX today with the RTI), unlike the IS which has a "tray".

2014 CT:

Base IS 7" display is excellent. Has all the same features minus the Nav/Enform (no Enform in Canada). These are (sorry crappy) pics from my own non-Nav IS:

rogerh00 06-22-14 05:40 AM

My non navi RX350 has the 3 button dial setup. It works fine.

MiFu 06-23-14 04:31 PM

I saw a posting on the UK brochure ...stating 2 navigations: 1) Lexus Navigation system and then the higher NX models get a Lexus Premium Navigation ....what's the difference?

Am i reading it wrong? Is Lexus offering a based navi system for all models and a more advance version for higher models?

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