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RA40 07-06-12 10:17 PM

July '12 - Please NUMBER and post your pics of the month here
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Next few outings I'm going to dedicate to using the cell phone for shots. We'll see. :rolleyes:
Test of some napa cabbage:

moky 07-07-12 06:45 AM

Kaydee 07-07-12 07:52 AM

Capilano Lake?

Cuttooth 07-08-12 12:35 AM

Breathe In, Breathe Out by Cuttooth01, on Flickr

Aqua by Cuttooth01, on Flickr

ShadowISF 07-08-12 01:17 AM

^^^ I really like cuttooth's #1 :)

RA40 07-08-12 12:32 PM

Each time he posts a pic, I want to go visit Hawaii. :p :D

greg0126 07-09-12 03:56 PM

Last weekend we had a large gathering at my friend's lake house. On Saturday night we lit up the sky with fireworks in a [belated] Independence Day celebration. Both of these shots were taken with a Nikon D300S with the Nikkor 16-85mm VR lens.


2) Caught some glare from a light about 15 feet off of the shore but I still love the reflections off of the water.

SB350 07-10-12 11:20 AM

Went to Yosemite and hiked Half Dome earlier this month.

1) Vernal Falls from the Vernal Falls Bridge at Happy Isles.

2) Vernal Falls from the Mist Trail. Wish I had spent more time composing this picture. 10 Second Exposure.

3) Nevada Falls from the Mist Trail


5) My wife about to climb the cables at Half Dome. F/22

6) Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge at Sunset.

Allen K 07-10-12 09:26 PM

Can't see over the crowd? Use the guy taking photos with his iPad :p If he had a retina display this would've turned out better!

lowKut 07-10-12 10:33 PM

Here are two pictures taken July 1st, 2012 at Englishtown Raceway Park NJ for the 17th annual Summer Slam event.

I am really feeling the pictures as the sunset in the background reflecting on the cars is so stunning IMO.

BTW I am a newbie photographer with a Canon PowerShot SX210 point & shoot camera - don't laugh:dunno:

1 -)
2 -)

neojungle1 07-11-12 10:40 PM

lol i did it mark big whoop lol...dont be ive done phootshoot with a cellphone it not always the gear but how you use it ... remember palisade meet i did that with a camera over 9 yr old

1sWt2GS 07-12-12 12:40 AM

some of these pictures are amazing :thumbup:

dont know you you guys/gals do it!

MRTIRE 07-15-12 02:21 AM

Cuttooth, always a fan of your amazing work.

SChema 07-15-12 07:22 AM

I've been very fortunate to shoot several awesome people over the past couple of months, I've got a couple more scheduled, I'm really hooked. Here's one for now, I'll have the series posted later.

greg0126 07-15-12 04:37 PM

Pic of my friend's IS350.

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