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streetx 04-07-12 11:55 AM

April '12 - Please NUMBER and post your pics of the month here
Didnt see the April one yet but here we go
RWB by streetxdreamer, on Flickr

RA40 04-07-12 02:41 PM

There is a car for DD use. :D:thumbup:

ItsRichie 04-07-12 08:25 PM

A few guys decided to meet up on our local motorcycle forums (, took a few snaps of my friends bike. All I know how to do is point and shoot, so bare with me :D


Cuttooth 04-10-12 03:41 AM



moky 04-10-12 10:08 AM

from my recent chicago trip during the holy week :D

SB350 04-10-12 04:31 PM

More underwater pics from my last scuba dive.

1) Kelp forest canopy

2) New kelp growth

3) Hermissenda Nudibranch

4) Cowrie and Hermissenda Nudibranch

5) Hermissenda

6) Hilton's Aeolid

greg0126 04-10-12 05:24 PM

Vroomin350 04-10-12 05:43 PM

^ cool pic, sb350 remind me of my saltwater tank haha

isam250 04-10-12 09:55 PM

greg0126 04-11-12 07:44 PM

Here are a couple of shots I took from tonight. The original shot is on the left, edited is on the right.



600rr05 04-13-12 09:57 PM

very nice photo's Cuttooth

neojungle1 04-13-12 10:26 PM

lastnight around 3am half a sleep and sober at a bar with a couple of my friends my friend wanted a profile pic and this is my first time doing this not prefect but i love the effect

junjdm 04-14-12 04:08 PM

shot these the other day......gorgeous

Vroomin350 04-14-12 04:35 PM

ok you win, mods close this thread haha

streetx 04-14-12 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Vroomin350 (Post 7162331)
ok you win, mods close this thread haha

i know right, she is beautiful

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